Rich grass

Fortunate grass, also known as auspicious grass. Perennial perennial plants, strong tiller, well-shaped plump, cold-resistant, shade-tolerant. In the case of scattering light in the greenhouse, it can also grow normally. The roots are green and green, resembling a green jade, which is of great ornamental value. The green surface area of ​​the leaf strip is large, and the ability to absorb harmful gases in the room is particularly strong, and it can purify indoor air. Therefore, it is the first choice for indoor elegant potted plants.

Fugui grass can be sown all year round, growing rapidly, requiring 140-160 days from sowing to finished products. Can grow to 600 -100 root, the longest branch of the treaty 30cm, the root system is particularly developed, hi warm and humid environment, water and fertilizer requirements are sufficient, the matrix loose air, slightly acidic. PH value 5.0-7.0. The speed of germination and the germination rate of domestic peat were higher than those of imported peat. 10-15 days after sowing germination, germination suitable temperature 22 -24 °C, need light. 60 days to transplant special containers. The matrix is ​​made of 50% domestic peat, 30% pine needles and 20% perlite, and is produced in Φ14cm pots. The matrix can be mixed with 5% compound fertilizer and 15% organic fertilizer, and can also be used with the Austrian Green No.1 slow-release fertilizer. The amount of 5 grams of flowerpot per Φ14 can be added to 1cm below the surface of the soil. 80-90 days to market. Seed China reminds you: Because of its very shade-resistant, there is a long shelf life after shipment, as long as there is no shortage of water can be placed for a longer period of time.

The Formosan grass has no special pests and diseases, preventing cabbage caterpillars and preventing water shortages. In addition, applying ferrous sulfate 3000 times once a month can increase the green color of leaf strips. Once a month, 2000 times of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can increase the whole plant. Beautiful plant shape.

5A grade Huangjiu is adopted for Aged Wine ,i.e. A grade raw materials, A grade timing, A grade pottery jar, A grade storage and A grade brewers. Using Huangjiu of the most representative years as base, aged wine is bottled in green porcelain for banquet and gift-giving. Glass-bottled-wine is mainly used for 3-5 years of ordinary wine, with superior cost performance, suitable for people who drink at home frequently.Shaoxingtian Chun Wine,Yellow Wine Without Caramel Colour, etc..Shaoxing Wine without caramel is naturally fermented, with lighter color, purer and more attractive. The wine tastes fresh and mellow.

Yellow Wine Without Caramel Colour

Yellow Rice Wine,Jia Fan Wine,Shaoxingtian Chun Wine,Yellow Wine Without Caramel Colour