Roller conveyor structure and material

With the rapid development of industry, advanced roller line equipment has been widely used in China. But many people don't understand what the structure and material of the roller line are. Here are some explanations for everyone:

Roller line structure

1. The drum line is transported by the drum tow the working plane to achieve the production process. The assembly line adopts the combined assembly mode, and the working number and the roller spacing can be set according to the principle of the process requirements. According to the drum form of the drum line, it can be divided into: a double sprocket cone type drum, an O-slot cone type drum, and a common cone type drum.

2, according to the driving form can be divided into: no power roller conveyor, power roller conveyor, accumulation roller conveyor. The driving methods used for the power roller conveyor are: electric drum drive and motor reducer drive. The conveying speed of the drum machine has two kinds of fixed speed and speed regulation. The speed regulation can be divided into: electronic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and mechanical speed regulation. Different conveying modes can be divided into: linear roller line, turning roller line, Ramp roller line, split type (channel type) drum line, Dingsheng transfer type drum machine, Dingsheng rotary drum machine, etc.

Roller line material

1. There are many accessories and auxiliary devices according to the accessories used, which can be selected according to the actual application of the customer. According to the material of the roller used, it can be divided into: stainless steel, engineering plastics, aluminum alloy, carbon steel. The surface treatment of the roller is: galvanizing, chrome plating, casting glue, hot plastic, polyurethane.

2. According to the frame materials used: stainless steel, aluminum profile, carbon steel, goods of different widths should be selected for the width of the drum, the width of the roller line can be used according to customer needs with different special specifications, the wall thickness and shaft diameter of the drum, according to The weight of the conveyed material is evenly distributed to the contact rollers, and the required load of each drum is calculated to determine the wall thickness and the shaft diameter of the drum.

3. Through the above explanations, I believe that everyone should understand the structure and material of the drum line, and the complicated logistics delivery system can complete various process needs. Stacking and conveying of materials can be realized by using the stacking drum. The roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. It is widely used in the transportation of finished packaging boxes and turnover boxes in various industries.

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