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Variety source: Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences from the 80-2 (Tianjin Huangjutuo X Hunan safflower early) X30-7 (Canada X Wutai seven inch lotus) offspring from the generation of breeding through multiple generations. In 1991, it passed the certification of crop varieties in Tianjin. Characteristics: Stems are grown, grow strong, plant height 2.5 meters, the main vines around 25 knots, the first 1-2 leaf segments can produce 1-2 effective lateral branches, stout sturdy, lateral vine flowering and scarring ability. Each inflorescence sequence has 2-4 knots, 20-30 knots per plant, tender green, yellowish after ripening, slightly curved, 18-20 cm long, 1.1 cm thick, and 15-18 g weight per plant. Precocious, sowing in spring sowing to tenderness 50-55 days before harvest, 46-50 days in autumn. Spring sowing 1800-2500 kilograms per mu, summer and autumn 1500-2000 kilograms per mu.
Cultivation points: Suitable for cultivation throughout the country. The suitable sowing period for spring cultivation in the Beijing-Tianjin region is from late March to mid-April, with a row spacing of 66-74 cm, a hole spacing of 20-24 cm, and 2-3 shoots per hole. The amount of mu for use is about 5 kg. In the acre, more cultivators use less water or no watering; watering is less during the flowering period; more watering is done during the pod stage, and 1 water is poured and fertilized every 3-5 days. Pay attention to the use of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers.

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