Rose pest control methods

Rose pest control methods, Salmonella's disease occurred most frequently with black spot and powdery mildew, pests mainly include Plutella xylostella and spider mites.
1. The black spot prevention and control measures of roses are mainly to do a good job of comprehensive prevention and control, timely clearing up fallen leaves, diseased leaves, and doing a good job in the surrounding environment. Pharmaceuticals use 800 times of chlorothalonil, 800 times of carbendazim, and other drugs such as Rhizoctonia.
2. The powdery mildew prevention and control measures for rose are comprehensive prevention and control, reasonable pruning, ventilation and ventilation, 600 times of triadimefon, 300 times of lime sulfur, 800 times of chlorothalonil, 800 times of thiophanate, etc. .
3, the most likely to occur in the greenhouse red spider, Red spider is easy to produce drug resistance, so a variety of agents to use. Such as the 1000 times of Wan Ling powder, extinct sweep, malathion, 800 times the omethoate dicofol, Torc, insect pest control, anti-convulsions 23, kill fruit and other pesticides.

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