Rotary cultivator coulter installation technical guidance

The ploughshare's coulter is divided into two types, left and right, and the installation method is as follows.

1. Staggered installation method. The left and right machetes are staggered and installed symmetrically on the cutter shaft. A cutter on the outermost left and right ends of the cutter shaft should be bent inwards. This method uses rotary flats and is suitable for flat work. It is a common installation method.

2. Inward installation method. The left and right machete are bent toward the middle of the cutter shaft. In this method, after cultivating, there is a ridge in the middle of the cultivator, and it is suitable for tillage. It also allows the unit to cross trenches and fill the trenches.

3. Outward installation method. Both the left and right machete are bent toward both ends of the cutter shaft, and a knife at the outermost end of the cutter shaft is bent inwards. After the rotary tillage, there is a shallow ditch in the middle of the tillage, which is suitable for the combined operation of demolition or rotary tilling. Note: Install the blades should be performed in order, pay attention to the rotation direction of the knife shaft. Both ends of the centerline of the cutter shaft must be symmetrically arranged. Do not put the blade back into the soil to avoid damage to the parts.

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