Rotary tiller and weeding

After one year cultivation of pomelo garden, the topsoil has become tighter, and the soil's water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions have been affected. Therefore, the traditional cultivation is still required to be carried out every year on the basis of the deep cultivation and soil improvement in the whole park. Twice in the top soil. In general, from May to June and from October to December each year, the cultivators and weeds are changed and the depth is 15 to 20 centimeters. Near the trunk, they are shallow to prevent excessive damage. After harvesting fruit from October to December, combined with the application of organic fertilizer, lime and other soil-improving materials throughout the year, the ploughing soil in the clear garden will be used to turn the orchard weeds, litter and the applied soil-improving materials into the soil, which can reduce the number of pests and diseases. Occurrence and ripening of the soil; cutting off part of the root system at the same time will help increase the concentration of sap and promote differentiation of flower buds. The cultivator will use the basal fertilizer to promote root growth. It will provide sufficient and stable nutrient supply during the flowering and young fruit period of red meat pomelo. It will help improve the fruit setting rate. Therefore, the use of basal fertilizers in the winter gardens for cultivating and turning over the soil is the basic task of soil management during the year. The young fruit trees or fruit trees that grow vigorously at the beginning of the season can be ploughed and ploughed once in May to June before the summer shoots, which can suppress summer shoots and increase the fruit setting rate.
Orchard timely cultivating soil and weeding, controlling the growth of weeds, loosening the soil, destroying the capillary action of the soil, reducing the evaporation of soil moisture, facilitating the rapid infiltration of rainwater into the soil, reducing the surface runoff, improving the ventilation of the soil, and promoting The activity of microorganisms accelerates the transformation of soil organic and inorganic nutrients, increases the content of soil available nutrients, and facilitates the growth and development of the root system. However, if the cultivating frequency is too high, the decomposition of soil organic matter is consumed quickly, which is detrimental to the formation of granule structure. It also destroys the normal growth of the surface roots, aggravates the erosion of soil in slope orchards and increases labor costs. Therefore, the cultivation technology of orchards tends to be less cultivated. technology.

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