Russian Arowana Culture Technology

Xiaolong, also known as squid, is a large and medium-sized economic fish and is also a precious fish species. At present, there are more than 20 species in the world, among which there are 8 species in China. Russian salmon are mainly distributed in Russia's Caspian Sea, Azov Sea, Black Sea, and rivers that communicate with these river basins. In addition to some of the migratory species, there are some species of habitat. The spring began to swim and ended in the autumn. The spring migrations spawned the year and the autumn migration spawned the following year. The first sexual maturation age: Male 11-9 years old, female 11-13 years old, spawning cycle 4-6 years. The main points of the Russian adult salmon farming techniques are as follows: 1. Pond conditions: The pond should have a good drainage system. The area of ​​the fish pond should be 3-5 mu, and its shape and shape should be good. The mud at the bottom of the pool is less than 10 cm. If the concrete flow pool is 50-300 meters in area, it is not limited. The pool is 2 meters deep. 2. Requirements for water quality: The dissolved oxygen requirement is greater than 5 mg/L, and the pH is between 6.5 and 8.0. It should be noted that carp is particularly sensitive to chlorine, even if traces of chlorine ions in the water can cause the carp to die. 3. Stocking of fish: The pond is disinfected with quick lime before stocking, with about 10 kilograms per mu, and then dried in the dry pond. Two weeks before stocking, water depth was 2 meters. The stocking density of squid is related to its individual size. The general specification is 300-500 grams and 500 for each acre. The water temperature of the squid is 1-30°C, the optimum water temperature for producing commercial squid is 20-24°C, and the water temperature in autumn and winter is not lower than 4-6°C. When the pond water temperature exceeds 26°C in summer, it should be promptly injected. water. 4. Feeding and management: The principles of regular feeding, fixed-point feeding and quantitative feeding are adopted. The daily feeding rate is 3%. After the fish grows, the feeding rate is gradually reduced. When the fish reaches 1 kg or more, the daily feeding rate is not More than 1%. Because the salmon are afraid of light, the feeding time is every day at dawn and dusk. Fish Health II, multi-dimensional freshwater fish, and enzyme preparations were added every half month to improve the anti-stress ability and immunity of carp and accelerate the growth of carp.

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