Scorpion processing and storage method

Zongzi, a medicinal herb called whole worm (also known as holmium), is a valuable Chinese medicine with a high medicinal value. The Chinese pharmacists pay more attention to the quality requirements of medicinal scorpions. This also shows that the quality of medicinal scorpion processing is directly related to its medicinal value. According to the requirements of the medicine procurement department and the foreign trade department for the quality standards of medicinal quinoa, combined with the experience of processing and producing medicinal glycosides for many years in this field, the cultivators will be introduced to the method of processing and storage. First, the quality standards for medicinal quinones (I) are dry. The body is yellowish-brown, oily, shiny, smelling slightly savory and salty. (b) The body is complete, with complete head and tail. The carcass has 13 sections, 1 pair of pliers on the head, 4 pairs of abdomen on the abdomen, double hooks on each end, and 1 sharp poisonous hook on the last section of the abdomen; the head and front abdomen are flat and oval, and the posterior abdomen presents Tail-shaped, crumpling and bending. (c) Fasting. No impurities, no salt lake. Second, the processing method of medicinal scorpion In the process of artificial breeding scorpion, timely collection, processing, storage and sale of scorpion, is an important part of making full use of space, saving food, accelerating cash flow, and increasing the added value. The preparation of medicinal sorghum before processing is generally performed one week prior to the birth. The method is to retain the impregnated pregnancies and the better ones, and the rest, such as the mated males, the females that have been littered for more than one year, and some piglets that have residual limbs, sickness, and thinness, are collected and segregated as commodities. Stop feeding for 2 to 3 days during the isolation period, and only maintain enough drinking water so that the lice can completely empty the belly of the food. (1) The processing method of “Salty Whole” is to put the rice dumplings into the cold water basin before processing, wash off the mud from the body, and then rinse it several times, clean it and put it into the salt water pot. To make the salt water immerse the rice dumplings, squeeze it with a bamboo curtain and soak it for 6 to 10 hours. Then boil the water and boil it for 10 to 15 minutes with boiling salt water. Take out the inspection. When the back of the dumplings is squeezed by hand, the dumplings can hold. Straight up, a ditch appears on the back, and when the abdomen collapses, you can remove it. Drying in a ventilated place, Serve as "salty whole", also known as "salt water." (b) "Light and dry" method of processing "light and full of water" also known as fresh water. Before processing, soak the dumplings in cold water, wash them, and put them in clean boiling water. When the water is boiled, add medlar, then add appropriate amount of cold water, continue heating, remove the medlar when the water boils again, and dry it. Third, the storage of medicinal scorpion scorpion scorpion in the summer due to lack of limb and less tail, but generally will not be worms; light scorpion will not return to halogen, the body is complete, but vulnerable to insects, Wet and poisonous. Therefore, Xian Quanxi should pay attention to moisture, and light and whole plants should be protected against moisture and insects. The pharmaceuticals used for processing and drying are divided into grades for medical use, and those with missing limbs and smaller bodies must be packaged separately from the larger, high-quality dumplings. Use moisture-proof paper (or plastic bag) to wrap every 0.5 kg of rice dumpling into 1 package, put it in a dry container, and put it in a ventilated and dry place for storage. Timely sale. The above is only a summary of the experience of the field, I hope that the farmers in the production process when combined with their own actual situation, according to the requirements of herbal medicine buyers to choose the appropriate processing methods.

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