Seasonal maintenance of tractors

The seasonal maintenance is to keep the machine from normal operation without being affected by the season. Winter storage of tractors is an important part of technical maintenance. If the storage is poor, the losses caused during parking will far exceed the loss of working hours.

1. Scrub the sludge to protect the cleanliness of the components and reduce the corrosion factors.

2. Put clean diesel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water, remove the storage battery and V-belt;

3, lubrication of the relevant parts, you can use a number of oils heated to about 120 °C, after the foam disappears into the crankcase, shake the number of crankshaft, lubrication of the sports surface, and then release the oil;

4, closed cylinder, a small amount of water-free oil can be added to the intake, crankshaft crankshaft, so that the oil attached to the top of the piston, cylinder liner and valve sealing seat, closed cylinder;

5, clean the air filter cavity and filter, then the air filter, muffler, water tank funnel mouth, tank mouth wrapped with cloth to prevent dust from entering;

6. Place the clutch in the “closed” position. The shift lever is placed in the neutral position and lifts the tractor's wheel axle so that the tire is off the ground. In short, only a reasonable maintenance and safekeeping can ensure that tractors work in good condition and create maximum economic benefits.

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