Selection and difference of syringe pump and peristaltic pump

Syringe pump selection guide

a. Select the syringe to allocate the amount of fluid as needed to determine which size of syringe to use.

b. Select the drive fluid distribution application mode to select the flow rate and injection accuracy of the multi-channel or single-channel driver liquid using the environment and installation form.

Peristaltic pump selection guide

a. Select the hose to consider the flow rate according to the chemical nature of the fluid to determine the material temperature of the hose. The temperature of the hose to the temperature requirements for the hose.

b. Selecting the pump head needs to consider whether the suitable pump head according to the reference flow rate can quickly change the hose. Is there enough channel number? The effect of the spare liquid removed on the pump head material
b. Select the drive to consider the higher the drive speed, the greater the flow rate, and vice versa, the fixed or adjustable speed, flow correction, flow distribution and Other performance according to the use environment, whether the drive has sealing, dustproof, waterproof requirements

The difference between syringe pump and peristaltic pump

The difference between the peristaltic pump and the syringe pump is that the injection mode of the two is different. The injection pump sucks or discharges the liquid like the injection by the piston, which is generally more accurate than the peristaltic pump, and the operation is relatively simple. The peristaltic pump absorbs or removes the liquid by the elasticity of the rubber tube, and there is a problem that the accuracy of the hose is deteriorated due to aging.

Advantages of the syringe pump:
Injection injection accuracy is an order of magnitude higher than that of a peristaltic pump injection, enabling automatic calibration of standard curves and improved productivity.

1 The injection unit wears faster, and if the sample volume is large, the service life is short. The quality of domestic injection units is relatively poor, and the cost of imports is relatively high.
2 injection injection pipeline is more complicated, resulting in easy pollution, memory effect is relatively large, the difficulty of cleaning is difficult. 3 injection injection system If the introduction of air bubbles in the suction air remains in the tube, it is generally difficult to completely eliminate, and cause injection The inaccuracy, especially the position of the multi-position valve and the sample ring, is particularly easy to store bubbles.
4 reagent consumption is not less than intermittent flow injection. The working procedure of the syringe pump is to perform a measurement procedure first, followed by a cleaning procedure. In fact, this cleaning procedure consumes a lot of reagents. You can set up the cleaning process yourself. If you are worried about not achieving the cleaning effect, you can only use the default cleaning program.

Advantages of peristaltic pumps:
The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the cost is low. The consumable parts are pump tubes. If you pay attention to silicone oil, you can usually use it for about 2 years.

Injection is not as accurate as injection. Because the peristaltic pump injection instability factors are more, the first is that the peristaltic pump motor is affected by the voltage instability, causing the rotation to be not constant, and secondly, the compression degree of the pump tube will cause the injection volume to change.

Rice Huller With Polisher

The SB Rice Milling Unit is a kind of comprehensive equipment. Rice goes into machine via vibrating screen (removing stones) and magnet unit (removing little piece of steel), and then pass through hulling room (remove the yellow husks), winnowing room, milling room (remove the brown chaff, and then become white rice), and blowing room in turn. The machine can complete all the processing works from cleaning grain, hulling grain to milling rice. As to husk, chaff, blighted grain, as well as polished rice, they are all pushed out of machine separately. Furthermore, we add a jet blower near the outlet of finished white rice; it not only can drop down the temperature of white rice, but also can separate chaff from the white rice, and make the finished rice much clear.

This Rice Huller with Rice Polisher is a comprehensive expression for all the good qualities of varied kinds of rice-processing machines. For instance, it is arranged with a comprehensive view of situation and is designed rationally. Its structure is compact and well organized. It is of less noise and can be easily operated and reliably regulated. Rice after processed consists of less chaff and few of them are damaged (broken). The neatness of such rice may be up to above standard. It consumes less power and is efficient in work. It is indeed Combined Rice Milling of a new generation.







Capacity( on paddy)





Matched motor

5.5 Kw




Matched diesel engine

8-10 Hp

15 Hp

20-24 Hp

30Hp or above






Net weight

130 Kg

230 Kg



White Rice Huller

Rice Huller With Polisher

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