September rabbit breeding management

Through the hot summer and the early autumn, the warmth of the Mid-Autumn Festival ushered in. This month's climate is suitable for the survival and reproduction of rabbits. Therefore, the main point of this month's rabbit affairs is to grasp the breed first and to breed a batch of rabbits as soon as possible. Selling before and after the Spring Festival can get higher returns.

First, improve the conception rate

There are many unfavorable factors in breeding this month. For example, female rabbits have abnormal estrus, male rabbits have poor semen quality, more dead sperm, and low fertility rates. If the artificial insemination method is adopted, the semen collected from the rabbit can be examined by microscopy and the quality of the semen should be discarded, and the dilution factor should not be used or reduced. If natural mating and manual assisted mating are adopted, the following measures can be taken:

1, the opposite sex induction method: the estrous female rabbit into the male rabbit cage, allowing the male rabbit to chase the female rabbit, climb stimulation, each for up to half an hour, usually on the second day, up to the third day, Female rabbits can be estrus and are willing to accept male rabbit mating.

2, hormone aphrodisiac: common human chorionic gonadotropin, this drug is generally sold in the family planning guidance station or Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a person with 500 units, subcutaneous injection of 10 female rabbits, 20 minutes later can be The female rabbits are mated in male rabbit cages.

3, the upper side of the vulva massage method: a hand picked up the rabbit's neck and raise the rabbit, the other hand grips the tail with the index finger and middle finger, palms hold up the rabbit body, the thumb massage in the female rabbit pus, usually 10 minutes later, the mother The rabbit's pus is swollen or even purple, and then the female rabbit is placed in a male rabbit cage. It is not always possible to mate with the male rabbit, and it is often successful on the second day; or in the vagina of the vulva, iodine or refreshing oil can also be found. effect.

4, compound or double mating: In order to improve the conception rate, it is necessary after the first breeding, 2 hours apart, once again, you can also repeat the interval of 2 hours, or with two male rabbits in turn with a Only female rabbits.

5, night breeding: If the female rabbit can be caught in the male rabbit cage during the middle of the night between 2:00 to 4:00, can improve the conception rate, and even more prolific maternal rabbit.

Second, feed species forage

Because this month's large breeding and breeding of seasonal rabbits, the rabbit body needs a sufficient amount of protein and must be added to the feed; in order to feed the rabbits with sufficient green fodder in the winter and early spring, they must also pay attention to planting this month. grass.

1, increase the protein feed ingredients: In the feed formula, the proportion of soybean meal or bean cake should not be less than 20%, the original less than this proportion, this month should increase, if you can add 3% to 5% of the fish meal in the feed Or cocoon powder, it's better. If you purchase the pellet feed produced by the manufacturer, you should pay attention to observe the crude protein ingredients on the label. If the amount is insufficient, you should cook some soybeans every day and add to the male and female rabbits, each with more than 10 capsules each time.

2, kind of good pasture

(1) Ryegrass: It is most suitable for winter growth and harvesting. Use 1.5 kg per acre. Firstly plough the soil and pick it up, then sow or drill, and then use it again. After each time, apply it once. 3. Fertilizers are cut until next spring.

(2) Poria: Generally perennial alfalfa, with high yield and good quality, is best planted in the upper and middle of this month. If sowed in the spring of next year, the unearthed plantlets will not grow but the weeds will be submerged. Before planting, the basal fertilizer must be applied and deep plowing should be done. The planting distance should be 30 cm or so. Since the seed is small and the soil should be shallow, it is best to cover it with fine ash soil.

(3) Carrot: Rich in vitamin content, it is a good feed for rabbits. It is generally planted in late August. If it is not planted, it will be planted as early as the beginning of this month.

Third, the injection of a good vaccine

Since immunization cannot be performed during the high temperature season, immunizations should be conducted prior to mating of the female rabbits this month. Emphasis should be placed on the injection of inactivated vaccines for rabbits, Clostridium perfringens, and staphylococcal diseases. Even if it is not yet on the last day of the immunization period, it should be Injection, because pregnant and lactating female rabbits are not suitable for vaccination.

Before breeding, the male and female rabbits should be checked for genital diseases. If any, the treatment or elimination should be decided. If serious diseases such as syphilis are involved, they must be culled.

Rabbits should be examined on a monthly basis and rickets and dermatomycosis should be promptly treated. Sputum mainly occurs in the ear canal and the four-legged paw. This month mainly introduces the treatment of dermatomycosis.

If the rabbit hair removal site in the thigh, shoulders and both sides of the head, hairy hairy roots, the formation of cut scars, it is a nutritional hair removal, hair should be used to pull out the hair, in the feed formula after adding protein feed ingredients, later No hair cuts will be present when new hair grows. If hair removal sites occur on the head, face, neck, and back, the affected area has neatly detached spots on the edges, or there are obvious blisters and scabs around the eyes, around the mouth, around the perforations, and around the nipples of the lactating mother rabbits. Skin diseases that are infected by different fungi. The diseased rabbits should be isolated immediately. The shed rabbit hair must be burned with a flame torch. The rabbit house and rabbit cages should be immediately disinfected with 3% hot alkali solution or 0.5% peroxy acetic acid solution.

For the feed for diseased rabbits, griseofulvin 20 mg was added per kilogram, and for 30 consecutive days, the affected area was smeared with ointment of cream or clotrimazole twice a day for 7 days.

We do not underestimate the dermatomycosis. This disease is extremely harmful to the rabbit breeding industry. The Kirin rabbit farm in Haimen, Jiangsu caused the destruction of the entire group and has not recovered yet. We should take warning.

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