Several Causes of Fish Floating Head and Prevention

The "floating head" of Fish is a phenomenon that often occurs in aquaculture production, and it is also an important sign to judge the disease or change of fish quality and water quality. However, many farmers do not understand the cause after discovering the "floating head" of the pond fish, and simply relying on "experience" to make a medicine often fails to produce results or even cause a large number of deaths. In fact, fish "floaters" can be caused by many factors. According to the causes, the "floating head" can be divided into the following three types.
1 Anoxic floating head Anoxic floating head is a “floating head” phenomenon caused by the low dissolved oxygen content in the water and the floating of the cultured fish swimming to a relatively high surface water layer. This kind of “floating head” has a time of occurrence that affects the characteristics of a wide variety of products. It usually occurs from early morning in the summer to 8 to 9 in the morning. If the degree of oxygen deficiency is high, all the fish in the pond will be affected or even die. However, if there is only mild oxygen deficiency, there may only be fish floating heads with high oxygen consumption rates, and they will return to normal after the light is strong and the temperature is high. Continuous rainy weather, low air pressure, and after summer rainstorms can cause floating heads, and common causes in aquaculture production processes are high stocking densities and excessive water quality. Although a large amount of algae in fertilizers releases oxygen during photosynthesis during the daytime, it can cause high dissolved oxygen in water. However, in the absence of photosynthesis at night, large amounts of pond fish, algae, and organic matter in fertilizers also consume large amounts of oxygen. The dissolved oxygen is lower than the tolerance point of the fish, causing the fish to float. For floating head fish, zeolite powder, floating head spirit or industrial hydrogen peroxide should be applied to rescue and activate the aerator. The main methods of prevention include: reducing the stocking density; regularly adding fresh water to prevent the water from becoming too fat; and starting the noon on sunny days to repay the “oxygen bond” of the bottom water to prevent nighttime oxygen deficiency.
2 Floating head caused by ammonia poisoning This kind of floating head is actually a stress reaction caused by fish poisoning caused by high ammonia concentration in the water. This type of floating head can affect all fish like an oxygenated floating head. However, due to the daily changes in ammonia, there is no significant daily change in oxygen, so floating heads will continue to occur throughout the day and will be more severe in the afternoon when the water temperature is high. This kind of floating head mainly occurs in the early winter to early spring. At this time, the algae are dying in a large number and the photosynthesis is weak, and the ammonium salts produced by decomposition of the residual bait in the water and the excretion of the fish cannot be converted to ammonia accumulation, resulting in fish poisoning. Such floating heads can be filled with fresh water to start aerators and splash coarse salt or groundwater quality improver for emergency treatment. After entering the winter, they can also be splashed with water quality improvers such as groundwater quality improver or zeolite powder for prevention.
3 Floating head caused by disease Floating heads of this type are floating out of the water due to illness. Floating head fish are generally scattered in shallow water near the pool, and there is no obvious occurrence season. The difference between this floating head and the above two floating heads is that the number of floating head fish is small, and in general it is not fulminant. Since such floating heads are caused by diseases, prevention and treatment should be combined with fish disease control measures to treat the causes.

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