Several healthy new ways of eating bananas

Banana cool, can be blood pressure, go to dry fire, stomach cold, weak people do not eat. Bananas are best served with pitted and plum bananas. They are immersed in salty water and eaten in cold water. The taste is particularly good.

1. The banana skin can be shredded and vinegar soaked, then mixed with cold melon and saurian yam with the same taste.

2, can be sliced ​​and wrapped eggs, flour, deep-fried, fried banana skin and banana meat crispy and delicious;

3, banana meat can also be boiled into mud, and eat in ice-cream after freezing;

4. The banana meat is added into the jelly and boiled. After cooling, it is made into banana jelly cake.

5, banana meat with rice balls wrapped into glutinous rice balls boiled.

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