Shandong Laizhou: Specific Methods for Summer Cherry Pruning

There are many tricks for large cherry summer trimming. From the point of view of easy operation and easy implementation, it is still advisable to take care of it.
1. Branch classification: In order to facilitate the implementation of summer pruning, it can be simply divided into extension branches (shoots) and non-extension branches (shoots), and the extension branches and the non-extended branch topping are not the same. In more detail, it can be divided into first-level branches, second-level branches, and third-level branches. The method of topping the new shoots at different levels is not the same. The trunk and its extension branch are the first branch (tip), the side branch and its extension branch directly on the stem are the second branch (tip), and the branch directly formed on the side branch is the third branch (tip). .
2. The specific method of taking care of the heart: Dividing the heart into light picking and heavy picking. Picking the heart lightly only removes the growing point, mainly controlling the growth (promoting flowering). Re-pick the heart and remove the shoot about 10 centimeters away, in the semi-lignified part. It is mainly to control the growth and promote the role of branching. Specifically, there are three main methods: The first method: When the shoot is about 5-7 centimeters, remove the growth point and gently pick the heart. Another 5-7 cm longer and then lighter to pick up the heart, so repeated. The purpose is to control the flower growth. This method is limited to the shoots on the side branches and cannot be used to extend the shoots. This means that this method is only performed on the tertiary shoots. The second method: When the new shoot grows to about 20 centimeters, retain 3-4 full shoots, remove only about 10 centimeters, pick up the heart in the semi-lignified site, that is, when the new shoot grows to about 20 centimeters, go to the half And use it. There is a branching and flowering effect. This method is only carried out on new shoots that are directly planted in the stem, that is, on secondary shoots. This method is performed on non-extended shoots and cannot be performed on extended shoots. (If the lateral branch is too busy, it can be adjusted with a light heart.) The third method: When the new shoot grows to about 40 centimeters, about 10 centimeters is subtracted from the semi-lignified part to promote branching. This method can only be carried out on the mid-dry extension shoots (that is, the shoots). On the first branch.

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