Silage ammoniation technology is cost-effective for raising cattle

1. Farmers with less cattle raise the silage technology of plastic woven bags in plastic film bags. The plastic bag silage method has the advantages of less investment, easy sealing, and easy use. The method is: first shorten crops or crush the crop straws into plastic woven bags (waste fertilizer bags), press and sturge the edges while loading, and then tie the bags after filling, and then unbreakable plastic on the outer layer of the textile bags. Film bag, the bag tightly sealed, piled up for storage, this method has the advantage of low cost, high success rate. Second, urea silage technology is more suitable for farmers who raise more cattle. The method is: in a high-lying, difficult-to-reserve place, a 2.5-meter-long, 1-meter-wide, 1-meter deep ammoxidation tank is constructed and the straw stem is cut into 2 -3 cm, weigh urea by the ratio of 100 kg straw straw 3.5 kg urea, and dissolve the urea with lukewarm water, dubbed a 10% solution, while filling the straw in the ammoniation tank, edge beer seat water, stepping on the tread Solid, after the top of the plastic film covered with a layer of plastic, and then add soil 30 cm. If a silage 200 kg, only 0.35 kg of plastic film, urea, 7 kg, silage costs per kilogram of 6.048 yuan. The advantages of this method are: 1. Make full use of crop straws in the agricultural area, develop herbivorous livestock, and ease the competition between humans and livestock. 2, the lack of supplemental protein, rice straw only digestible protein 3%, such as 3.5% of the urea in the silage, you can solve the nutritional needs of winter cold spring season. 3, urea solution can cause alkaline environment, inhibit mold reproduction, make silage texture soft, easy to digest.

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