Silicone steamer mat - a new type of cooking material

Silicone steamer mat - a new type of cooking material

Product Name: Silicone Steamer Mat

Product Features: Instead of the traditional straw mat, the silicone steamer mat has the advantages of non-sticky oil, easy to clean, high strength, anti-friction, reusable and Other excellent performance; high production efficiency, widely used in processing industries such as quick-frozen food, food cooking, etc. The original shape of the snack can be maintained at high or low temperatures; easy to clean and healthy; various shapes and sizes can meet the needs of customers

Note: Silica gel steamer pad should be rinsed with boiling water before use. It can be added with a small amount of detergent and dried before it can be put into the tray. Before placing the bag, there should be no water droplets on the surface of the silicone steamer pad. phenomenon.

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