Six elements for good tractor use in summer

Hot summer weather, high temperatures, good use of tractors, must pay attention to the following six points in order to make the tractor safe and effective operation.
1. Maintain the normal water level of the cooling system In the summer, the cooling water in the evaporation or water cooling system and the open forced circulation cooling system consumes quickly. In the work, check the water level. In case of shortage, clean soft water should be added in time.
2, note the degree of the water temperature meter When the water temperature exceeds 0 °C, to stop the unloading, idling cooling, in order to prevent "open pot."
3. Careful handling of the “open pan” The correct method of disposal is to allow the engine to run at an intermediate speed, open the radiator cover, and release heat. After cooling, slowly add cold water. When opening the radiator cover, the operator should stand in the upwind position, face not to face, avoid being burned by high temperature water and gas.
4. Pay attention to the tightness of the fan belt The fan belt is too loose and slippery, which leads to increased wear and increased power consumption. The general requirement is: When the thumb is pressed in the middle of the belt, the belt sagging amount is in the range of 10-12 mm.
5, the correct use of temperature control device There are two types of automatic temperature control device and manual. Some drivers think that the sky is hot in summer, and the lower the water temperature, the better, and often remove the thermostat. In doing so, when the cold car starts, it will greatly prolong the warm-up time of the engine and accelerate the wear of the parts. Therefore, the thermostat should not be removed during the summer.
6, the correct choice of oil summer high temperatures, can use a higher freezing point of diesel oil, and to ensure the correctness of the fuel supply advance angle. In addition, special attention should also be given to preventing the oil supply system from leaking oil.

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