Six Misconceptions of Modern Diet

Misunderstanding 1. The more you eat soy products, the better:

Soy protein in the body can hinder the body's absorption of iron, excessive intake of soy protein can inhibit 90% of normal iron absorption, resulting in iron deficiency anemia, showing varying degrees of fatigue, lethargy and other anemia. So, although soy products are rich in nutrients, they are not always as good as they are or they are appropriate.

Misunderstanding two, hot oil cooking incense:

When the oil temperature is above 200 degrees, not only the unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to human body in vegetable oil will be oxidized, but also a gas called "acrolein" will be produced. It is the main component of soot and it is extremely harmful to the human respiratory system. In addition, "acrolein" also makes oil production extremely prone to carcinogenic peroxides. Therefore, it is better to use 80% hot oil for cooking.

Misunderstanding III: The best seasoning ingredients are:

The results of medical research show that natural seasonings such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, and ginger have a certain degree of seizure and toxicity, such as excessive use of seasonings in the diet, lighter people have dry mouth, sore throat, lack of energy, insomnia, etc. Feelings, severe cases can induce high blood pressure, gastroenteritis and other diseases, and even cause human cell malformation, the formation of cancer may be. Therefore, it is best to use as little seasoning as possible in your daily diet.

Misunderstanding four, the advantages of stir-fried poultry meat:

Many people like to stir fry foods fast and think that the foods they make are of good color and taste. But in fact, stir fry is a very unsanitary cooking method. Livestock meat, especially animal organs, usually carry a large number of livestock viruses and pathogens, and some viruses must be cooked for ten minutes before they can be killed. Stir-frying time is too short, and viruses and germs are not easily killed. After eating such foods, “zoonosis” can easily occur. Therefore, it is safe for poultry meat to be cooked and thoroughly cooked.

Misunderstanding 5: When taking a cold to eat tonic:

Tonics produce higher calories and energy in the body, which can increase the body temperature of the patient and aggravate the condition. In addition, supplements can also promote the growth and reproduction of germs, leading to increased infection and spread of inflammation.

Misunderstanding 6, eat fruit immediately after dinner:

Scientists after research pointed out that fruit contains a large number of monosaccharides, it is easily absorbed by the small intestine, but if the food is blocked in the stomach, it will cause flatulence due to corruption, make stomach discomfort, so eat the fruit should One hour before meals or 2 hours after meals is appropriate.


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