Small corn pasta machine with novel design and reasonable structure

The pure corn noodles produced by the small corn pasta machine use a new process to improve the characteristics of the corn. Corn produces a kind of gelatin protein by high temperature and high pressure, which makes the noodle gluten increase, and at the same time it is sterilized by high temperature. The long-term storage noodle soup is not sour and has no rough feeling. And retain its natural nutrients. It does not contain preservatives, has a long shelf life, golden color, is resistant to boiling, smooth and delicate, and has a scent. It is more than white noodles. Steamed, boiled, fried, fried, and simmered. This machine can also be processed with wheat seeds, milled noodles, and processed with noodles and noodles with other coarse grains. Adding various health care materials such as milk powder, egg powder, vegetable juice, vegetable powder, and yam can enhance nutritional value and flavor. It can be sold now, but it can also be made into noodles and enter the supermarket. You can also open a corn fast food noodle processing factory, or you can process it. It is a must-have staple for hotels, restaurants, military units, institutions, schools, families, and even obese people and family history of diabetes, colon cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Eat corn noodles, rich, stylish, and body. Processing corn noodles and corn snack noodles, market gaps, never exhausted, unlimited business opportunities, high returns, zero risk. It is a sunrise industry in the new century in China.

Features of the new corn pasta machine: 1. Advanced production technology: adopting a new biological degeneration process, the raw materials are extruded and polymerized, ready to be cooked, once formed, without cooking. 2, safety and health: multi-functional pasta machine mechanical and electrical integration, fully enclosed production, stable performance, production process without pollution, safety and health 3, high degree of automation: instrument monitoring, simple operation, 1 to 2 people can produce, spiral propulsion, automatic Mature, automatic molding 4, a multi-purpose machine: corn pasta machine can produce rice noodles, corn pasta machine, rice cake and other foods, really for a multi-purpose machine. 5, multi-functional pasta machine, fast production, high yield, many models, investment scale can be large or small, suitable for individual, township processing plants and urban food processing plants.

The corn pasta machine is a new single (double) screw food extrusion machine developed on the basis of extrusion machinery. The machine has novel design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and power supply. It can be produced and so on. The machine is mainly used to produce corn noodles, which can be used as raw materials, and can also produce various interview noodles, spicy strips and rice noodles.

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