Small diesel engines should pay attention to the following issues when the flameout

(1) It is strictly prohibited to throttle before the flameout. Throttle engine speed fluctuates, fuel and air mixed unevenly, combustion is not complete, fuel consumption increases, will make cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, intake and exhaust valves and injectors at the increase in carbon deposition, but also easy to cause Link deformation, crankshaft breakage and other accidents. In addition, the throttle is also easy to damage the cylinder gasket, crankshaft oil seal and broken valve springs. (2) It is not possible to turn off the engine when parking in winter. In winter, the ambient temperature is low and the temperature of the body is generally around 90°C. If the temperature difference is large, if the flame is turned off immediately, the parts such as the body, cylinder head, and water tank can easily crack. The correct way is to idle at a small throttle position for 5 to 10 minutes. When the temperature of the standby body drops to 50 to 70°C, turn off the water again.

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