Smoked fish processing

This smoked fish processing method is a method of processing aquatic products. The bismuth products made by this method have entered the food market with its unique flavor and are welcomed by consumers.
The processing technology of squid smoked products is as follows:
(a) Finishing, squeezing out the bones and viscera (ie finishing) of the squid. The tilapia was frozen and then squeezed. According to the weight of the raw carp 1000g, 3g of salt and 0.5g of saltpetre were added, and it was evenly spread on the carp, and then placed on a tilted table, and a heavy stone was pressed on it to squeeze blood water. Place in a cold room at 2°C overnight.
(b) Marinated The 1000g of squid that has been squeezed in blood is piled up in a clean container (the skin of the squid is facing down) and the fish face up, and then a wooden frame is placed on it and pressed with heavy stones. Pour 8 kg (composed of salt 15, saltpeter 0.05, sodium sulfite 0.2, granulated sugar 5, and flavor 0.5) into the container and marinate. After 3 days, they were adjusted on the upper and lower levels, placed in a cold storage at 2°C, and marinated on the 5th.
(c) to salt, finishing put the preserved squid washed in running water at a temperature of 16 °C for more than 10 minutes, washed away excessive salt. After the salt is removed, the surface shape of the squid is finished.
(D) Dry fume smoke The tidy squid was arranged neatly and sent to a smoked cigarette at about 30°C. The chamber was not dried for 2 days. After the squid surface was roasted with fire, the temperature was 15°C. Smoked smoked for 3 days.
(five) After the packaged eel has been smoked, it is cooled at room temperature and then sent to a freezer at 5°C. After cooling completely, the surface of the fish can be finished and then packaged.