Soil warming pit production garlic yellow technology

First, choose a variety of varieties of Cangshan white Garlic, which is an excellent local breed. The cultivar germinates quickly, its tip is golden yellow, its quality is good, and its yield is high.

Second, the construction of earth warm kiln garlic yellow short growth period, a wide range of temperature adaptation, can grow at 12-30 °C conditions. Therefore, the use of winter and spring agricultural slack season production, production sites to choose leeward sunny, high dry terrain plots, in order to help improve the temperature of the warm kiln, reduce frost damage. At the same time, when the outside temperature rises, it can cool down again. Low outside temperature in winter or early spring, the use of warm cellar production of pollution-free Garlic is an ideal cultivation method, with advantages of small investment, simple kiln, easy production and operation. Digging the warm kiln, the general height of 2-2.5 meters, into the soil depth of 1 meter, exposing the ground height of 1 meter, the kiln length of 7 meters, the kiln width of 7 meters (the cultivation area is controlled at 50 square meters), with a wooden frame above Or the bamboo poles are well-supported (fixed firmly, above the ground should be covered with soil), and then cover the corn stalks, rice straw, wheat oranges or ragweed etc., cover the top of the soil, thickness is about 40 cm, in the four corners Each has a vent window. Dig the entrance, the width of 40-50 cm, both sides with a good barrier. The cultivated bed soil is preferably made of organic-rich loam. The thickness of the soil layer is about 10-12 cm. The surface of the cultivation pond should be flat, sand or sandy loam should be about 6 cm.

Third, put the garlic Garlic Bulb has a certain period of dormancy, in order to break the dormancy, promote germination, to be treated before sowing. The method is to remove the bulb skin, the base stem plate, and some or all of the garlic peels, so as to facilitate moisture absorption and gas exchange. Before sowing, low-temperature treatment at 0-4°C should be carried out. Seed garlic grown at low temperature can be seeded in advance. In addition, soaking in fresh water before sowing, so that the kind of garlic fully absorb water and accelerate germination. In order to increase the yield per unit area, the method of close planting should be used as far as possible when planting. When planting, the garlic should be planted closely one by one in the cultivation plant, and no gaps should be left between the garlic plants. Generally about 20 kg of garlic per square meter. Immediately after sowing, the clay was covered with 3-4 cm thick, poured with water once, and the shade cover was covered.

Fourth, sorghum management garlic yellow Garlic Bulbs mainly use the storage of nutrients to form fresh leaves for food, the key to management is timely and appropriate watering, control of soil moisture, and promote the rapid growth of leaves. The soil is too dry and the leaves grow slowly, affecting product quality and yield. However, under confined conditions, such as air and soil moisture, it is often prone to decay. Therefore, as much as possible to reduce watering, usually after pouring a water per plant, maintain a high humidity, to ensure the rapid emergence of garlic seed. Later, according to the outside temperature, soil moisture, garlic yellow growth conditions, flexible watering, can not make the high temperature in the warm kiln. In the early stage of growth, the amount of water sprayed is small, and it gradually increases in the later period. Before the harvest, a small amount of water is poured once again to ensure that the yield and quality of garlic yellow, but also to lay the foundation for continued growth after harvest. After entering the winter season, the outside temperature is significantly reduced. In the kiln, a stove (which can be made in a small earthen furnace) is used to raise the temperature to maintain normal growth. When the daytime temperature exceeds 20°C, the temperature must be lowered to prevent the temperature from becoming long. .

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