Some experience in prolonging the service life of injectors

1. Do not overload as much as possible during use. 2. Periodically clean the fuel injector, remove coke, tighten and test the injection pressure and atomization. 3. Clean the diesel filter regularly and replace the filter element. All seals must be properly installed and properly fastened, and must not be missed, misplaced or lost. 4. If the injector is found to be poorly atomized, carefully inspect each seal for dirt. If necessary, grind the plate with a fine abrasive until it is bright. When the cone surface of the injector needle is corroded, we grind it according to the following method: clamp the top of the needle valve on the chuck of the small table, and apply a fine grinding paste on the sealing cone at the lower end. Drill the drill to the minimum speed, then put on the needle body. During grinding, the needle valve body is clamped by both hands. Like a grinding valve, it is tight and loose. It stops once every two minutes and checks the conical surface of the needle valve. If there is a bright line, grinding is completed.

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