Some Experiences of Grafting Walnut

The low survival rate of walnut grafting is an important issue that has plagued producers. I think the following experiences are worth learning from.

During the grafting period, the grafted grafts of walnuts are in the dormant period and should be grafted during the growth period. Grafting is better after leafing in the spring.

Grafting method grafting in the spring, the best way to use the skin tongue connection method, the greater the contact area, the higher the survival rate. In summer grafting, it is best to use a bud-shaped bud connection.

Auxiliary measures nursery can not be watered before spring grafting. Grafting in the spring, to raise the graft interface, grafting at the rootstock more than 30 cm above the ground, cut 2 to 3 knives around the ground from about 8 to 10 centimeters to “drain” (to prevent grafting injury flow). 3 to 5 days before grafting, the rootstocks were cut to “drain” and then grafted.

The scion quality of the scion is preferably less than 30% of the diameter of the scion, and a 50% survival rate is low. Grafting in the spring, scion best wax, scion diameter is best not more than 1/3 of the rootstock diameter.

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