Soybean seedlings before chemical weeding measures

In accordance with local conditions, accurate pre-emergence herbicide selection should be the selection of pre-emergence herbicides, and Guangmianling is the preferred chemical for weeding before sowing. In addition, Guangmiaoling has a short residual period and is safe for diarrhea. If used with acetochlor and tosulfuron, weeding effect is better. Soybeans after sowing before weeding chemical weeding can not use stem and leaf treatment and herbicides with strong drift, such as Kekuile ​​et al.

Rigorous drug standards, scientific mixed liquid soy after sowing before sowing herbicide chemical wetting formula: with 48% clomazone EC 70 ml + 59% acetochlor EC 100 ml + 70% SOS soluble powder 2 g, Water 30 kilograms, can spray a mu of land. When preparing compounded pesticides, the pesticides shall be added to the apparatus according to the standard. The powdered pesticides shall be diluted with a little clear water to be added into the apparatus after the mother liquor is added. Finally, the quantitative water shall be added. The instrument must not be filled with water before adding the chemicals to prevent water from being produced. Drugs are not fully dissolved and sprayed unevenly resulting in poor efficacy.

Spraying at a proper time and ensuring adequate water supply Soybeans should not be sprayed immediately after spraying to prevent drought. Spring breeze affects efficacy, but it can't be too late. In the spring season, the weather is usually windy and rainy, and soil moisture is poor. Therefore, when weeding techniques are applied before seedlings, we must pay attention to sufficient water.

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