Deutzia scabra scientific name Scabrous Deutzia alias araceae science name Saxifragaceae morphological characteristics of deciduous shrubs. Bark flakes off. Branchlets hollow, reddish brown, star-shaped pilose when young. Standing panicles, 5 cm to 12 cm long, 5 petals, white or slightly red outside. Flowering from May to June. The capsule is nearly spherical and the top is truncated. Fruit period from August to September. The main points of cuttings, cuttings, buckling, or ramets breeding are all available. It is possible to use softwood cuttings in the rainy season or hardwood cuttings in early spring. In the autumn, seeds are harvested and confined to spring sowing in the following year. The transplant should be carried out during the deciduous period. Pruning branches should be pruned every winter or early spring after planting. After flowers and flowers, they must be cut off in time. The application value is sparse in the summer to open white flowers, dense and elegant, long flowering period. It should be planted on lawns, hillsides, roadsides, forest edges and rock gardens, and hedgerows. Roots, leaves, and fruits can be used medicinally.

To cause a temporary loss of sensation with medicine or acupuncture.

 Figurative use of some means to make people vague, depressed

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