Spinal virus disease prevention and control method

Spinach virus disease, also known as mosaic disease. In recent years, there have been developments and the damage in some areas has become more serious.
First, the symptoms of the damaged plant heart atrophy or leaf-like shape, the old leaves withered early fall off, the plant curled into a spherical shape. The diseased plants infected with cucumber mosaic virus exhibited small, malformed leaf shape, shortened internodes, clustered, and yellowed leaves; diseased plants infected with turnip mosaic virus had irregular leaf shape, thick and thin leaves, and large and thin leaves. Flower buds; leaf margins upward; plants infected with beet mosaic virus, veins are transparent, new leaves turn yellow, resulting in mottled and downward curling.
Second, the incidence of pathogenic pathogens in the overwintering spinach and field weeds in winter, field transmission mainly by locusts. In the autumn drought years, spinach roots and protected areas of spinach are more severe. Warm in early spring, the incidence of spring spinach is heavy. The early occurrence of sow, windy ground, and spinach near cucumber and radish are heavy.
Third, prevention and control methods (a) physical control. Hanging silver-gray cloth on the protection site can play a role in avoiding stumbling. (b) Comprehensive prevention and control. The first is cultivation measures. Choose a well-ventilated area that is far away from radish and cucumber to grow spinach. In the event of spring drought and autumn drought, watering should be done to reduce the disease. Apply organic manure, increase phosphorus and potash fertilizer, and increase resistance to disease. The second is clean gardens. In the winter and early spring, weeds should be removed from the fields, land and furrows, and the diseased plants should be completely removed and taken out of the fields to be buried or burned. The third is chemical control. Timely use of chemicals to control aphids, especially in the spinach seedling stage. It can spray 20% of virus A WP 500 times, or 5% of bactericidal water solution 300 times, and of antiviral No. 1 300 times before or at the onset to enhance immunity.

Whole ( Multi bulb ) Black Garlic is made of the whole fresh white garlic .

It appears black in colour and shrinks during the fermenting process. 

The cloves varies in diameter between 5.0 - 6.0cm and weights in at 30-40g before being peeled.

Black Garlic Production Process

Fresh organic garlic → Cleaning → Dehydration → Clip → Outfit fermentation dish → Fermentation room → Fermentation → Booth cool room → Ripen → Sterilization room → Black garlic sorting room → Inner packing → Outer packing → Black garlic storeroom

Whole Black Garlic

Whole(Multi)Black Garlic

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