Spring chickens need to pay attention to the problem

In early spring, the weather is changeable, the temperature is low, the temperature difference between day and night and inside and outside the house is large, the chicken disease is numerous, and the growth is slow. In order to obtain an ideal breeding effect, the following 7 points should be noted:

Keep proper temperature The temperature difference between day and night in early spring is big. Pay special attention to night temperature management. The enclosure is better, and the temperature in the house is preferably controlled at 16°C~26°C. When using the coal stove to warm up, care should be taken to prevent chicken gas poisoning.

Correctly deal with the relationship between insulation and ventilation If you emphasize the insulation of the chicken house and neglect the ventilation, it can easily lead to air pollution in the house and a large number of pathogens. Chickens inhale harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia for a long period of time and grow in environments where bacteria grow. They often have high E. coli and chronic respiratory diseases.

Improve feed nutrition levels During this season, the weather is variable and chicken resistance is relatively weak. Therefore, it is important to increase feed nutrition levels. The protein content in the chick's diet should be increased by 3% to 5%, and the energy in the feed during the rearing period should be appropriately increased, and the amount fed should be appropriately increased to withstand the cold.

Supplementary lighting early spring night is short and short, lack of light will cause laying hens to reduce the egg production rate, in order to overcome this natural defect, can be used artificial supplement light to compensate. Under normal circumstances, the total time of daylight should not be less than 14 hours, nor can it exceed 17 hours. The intensity of supplemental artificial lighting is preferably 2 to 4 watts of light per square meter.

Reducing stress Chickens are small, easily scared, and sensitive to changes in the external environment. Therefore, there must be a certain amount of time and order for feeding, adding water, quail eggs, disinfecting, cleaning, and excreta removal. Be gentle at work and do not allow strangers and other animals to enter the house. If there are strong noises from the outside world, such as firecrackers at festivals, harsh gongs and drums, north wind whistling, etc., the keeper must enter the chicken house in time to create a safe atmosphere for the owner to be around. It is also possible to add appropriate amounts of vitamins or other anti-stress drugs to chicken feed or drinking water to prevent and reduce the loss caused by stress response.

To do a good job in sanitation, we must do a good job of sanitation inside and outside the chicken house and regularly disinfect it.

Prevention of diseases Early spring chickens are susceptible to E. coli disease, chronic respiratory diseases, infectious bronchitis, bird flu, etc. Prevention work must be done. As soon as the illness occurs, the veterinarian should consult the veterinarian immediately and take measures to reduce the loss.

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