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Autumn drought caused adverse effects on autumn crops in Jiangxi Province. In a considerable number of areas, rapeseed emergence is not uniform, some of the live seedlings die due to drought and water shortage, transplanting seedlings are delayed in transplanting time, and the growth of wheat seedlings is insufficient, which does not meet the criteria for strong seedlings. In order to ensure the increase of yield and income of summer harvest crops, targeted fertilization in the winter is very important. First, apply fertilizer, control Wang promote weak. Early sowing, adequate fertilizer and water, and overgrown rape and wheat, should be sprayed with paclobutrazol to control hunger, promote growth, and prevent freezing. For fields where the basic seedlings are insufficient, growth is weak, and fertility conditions are poor, pay attention to fertilizers (mainly organic fertilizers). Application of wax fertilizer can increase nutrients, but also warm antifreeze, and promote normal crop growth. Rape picking moss in time to pick moss in time, there is a trend of the field of early moss, fertilizer should be promptly. The amount of wax fertilizer can be customized according to local conditions. Second, the application of boron fertilizer to prevent rape "flower but not real" and wheat "bright spike." The boron deficiency in the rapeseed and wheat planting areas in Hubei Province is generally lack of boron, and the rational application of boron fertilizer can solve the phenomenon of “flowering but not realizing” and “empty shell and bright spike” of the rape. Rape, wheat later use 50 grams of "Sorry boron" per acre, watered 60 kilograms of spraying between the leaves, in late February and mid-March, and then make up again. At the same time, we should also do a good job of cultivating and weeding and pest control.

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