Spring pumpkin cultivation techniques

First, the appropriate sowing: greenhouse cultivation spring sowing in mid-January to early February sowing, pod age 20-25 days; small arch greenhouse open sowing in mid-late, late sowing, pod age 20-25 days, in mid-March, planted in a small shed Inside.

Second, seed treatment and sowing: pumpkin seed water immersed in 3-4 hours, then 50% carbendazim 500 times liquid immersion 2 hours, rinse, germination at 25-30 °C 24-48 hours, sowing in warming seedbed.

Third, the seedling management: the temperature is 25-30 °C during the day before emergence, 15-20 °C at night, after the emergence of 20-25 °C during the day, about 15 °C at night, true leaves 3-4 leaves when the expansion of planting. 7-10 days before planting, the seedlings were moved once, and the seedlings enhanced stress resistance. Breeding temperature, temperature below 30 °C is appropriate, sunny high temperature anti-burning seedlings. Rainy days, dry and humid, keep the seedbed dry and wet.

No dressing is applied at the seedling stage, combined with the preventive spraying carbendazim or chlorothalonil 500 times and a mixture of high-quality leaf surface fertilizers, spraying once a week.

Fourth, site preparation and colonization: stand cultivation 80-100 cm wide, spacing 30-35 cm, 1 row per plant. Small arched open-air cultivation of a single row climbed 3 meters wide. Mu Shi biological organic compound fertilizer 80 kg or decomposed organic fertilizer 1000-2000 kg. 800-1000 acres of planting, mulching root transplanting, rooting water immediately after planting.

V. Field Management:

1. Fertilizer: The pumpkin has strong fertility and should control nitrogen fertilizer in the early stage. The fruit development period should be fully fertilized. For the first time, 10-14 days after planting, apply 3-yuan compound fertilizer 5-6 kg per mu. Apply water after cover. The second time in the fruit expansion period, Mushi Sanyuan compound fertilizer 20-25 kg plus 5 kg of potash fertilizer, watering after application. Afterwards, look at the growth of the plant and the situation of fruit set up.

2, tied vines: tied vines, cited vines on the shelves, make full use of space, improve lighting, is conducive to dense planting, increase production. Climbing cultivation should take a dwarf, lead the vine on the shelf, so that the fruit is lifted, full of light, uniform coloring.

3, flowering results habits and pruning methods: small pumpkin male and female plants with different flowers, the main vine on female flowers occur earlier. The single vines in the greenhouse were pruned. The first 3-4 female flowers of more than 10 knots began to set fruit, pollinating 3-4 female flowers continuously and leaving 2-3 fruits per plant. Small sheds were cultivated on the ground, with double or multiple branches and 4-5 branches per plant.

4, Baohua Baoguo: Early spring low temperature season often due to too much nutrients before flowering excessive growth, flower and fruit nutritional deficiencies, flowering period of rain and pollination or female flowers open early, no male flower pollination, resulting in falling flowers. Therefore, artificial pollination should be conducted during the flowering period from 8 to 10 am. It can also be treated with Bao Guo Ning No. 2 800 times liquid or 2.2% anti-droplet 500 times or 20% phenylacetic acid 1200 times. The flowers opened on the day are sprayed on the stigma to promote the result.

5. Pest control: Powdery mildew is sprayed with 12.5% ​​of myclobutanil 2000-3000 times. Fusarium wilt use 10 grams of ank manganese and 70% alcohol to smear the stem. The whitefly used fipronil or avermectin, and Liriomyza was used for prophylaxis and control.

6. Harvest: The first melon was harvested about 30 days after pollination in the spring to promote full expansion of the 2nd and 3rd fruits, which will help increase the yield.

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