Spring vegetable growers must grasp the measure

At present, with the gradual warming of the weather, the vegetables that have just been planted are growing very strong. To prevent the growth of vegetables, many vegetable farmers have taken measures to control the plant. However, when reporters interviewed him in the countryside, they learned that some vegetable farmers did not have a good grasp of the plant when they were planting the plant growers. They oversaw their heads and caused the vegetables to be delayed. Therefore, the reporter reminded the vegetable farmers that the vegetable control chief must have a degree, especially in the spring weather, so as to avoid the opposite effect.

So, how can we control the length of vegetables in spring greenhouses? The reporter believes that the following two points should be noted:

First of all, spring vegetables do not use growth inhibitors as long as possible. Why should we emphasize this point? Because of the changeable weather in the spring, there is a time when the cold is occurring. If you feel that vegetables grow quickly and you spray growth inhibitors today, if you change tomorrow, there will be a large temperature drop. Under the dual effects of low temperature and growth inhibitors, it is easy to cause excessive vegetable growth. Therefore, the spring vegetable grower must use plant growth inhibitors with caution.

Second, adopting "three controls" measures to control plant leggy to follow the weather. As we all know, in addition to spraying growth inhibitors, the control of vegetable growers can also be achieved through temperature control, water control, fertilizer control and other "three controls" measures. When these measures are taken, they must also be targeted according to the weather conditions so as not to have the opposite effect. If the weather is mutated, it is better not to consider temperature control and seedling control. Instead, insulation should be taken as the main factor. In this way, the night temperature of the greenhouse, especially the temperature at the middle of the night, will not fall too low, which will cause the vegetables to suffer cold damage.

In addition, the reporter found in the interview that some vegetable farmers who grow melon vegetables adopted the method of controlling the length of the roots. This approach is good, but it needs to remind farmers to pay attention to the fact that the purpose of leaving the root melon is to control the leggy, and should not be used for the purpose of plotting small profits and selling the money after leaving the market. Because in the interview, the reporter found that many vegetable farmers were overly greedy and felt that the root melon had grown very large. It would be better for them to pick and market after they grow up, which would cause the plants to let the root melon fall out of the trees, causing the plants to delay. It’s not worth the candle.

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