Spring wheat control

Chemically controlled cultivation is a new technology in agricultural production. Wheat is controlled and cultivated, which can regulate and control the growth and development of plants, enhance resistance to stress, and promote high quality and high yield.
First, prevent the lodging of wheat
1, spraying paclobutrazol wheat period, spraying 200 mg / kg paclobutrazol solution per acre of 30 kilograms, can make plants dwarf, increased lodging resistance, and can also treat wheat powdery mildew and increase plant nitrogen absorption and utilization.
2. Spraying CCC on large wheat fields with a long growing trend. In the early stage of jointing, spraying 0.15-0.3% chlormequat solution per acre for 50-70 kilograms, which can inhibit internode elongation and make the plant dwarf and stem. The base is rough to prevent lodging. If mixed with 2.4-D butyl ester, it can also treat broad-leaved weeds.
3, spray booster prime in the jointing stage of wheat, with the help of beautiful prime agent 15-20 ml, 50-60 kg of water, spraying on the foliage, can inhibit internode elongation, to prevent the late lodging of wheat, so that The output increased by 10-20%.
Second, to enhance drought resistance in wheat booting stage, with drought-resistant agent No. 1 50 grams / mu, 2.5-5 kg ​​of water, to be fully dissolved after the ultra-low spray, you can reduce the opening angle of the stomata on the leaf, increase the plant water potential, Reduce transpiration, increase root activity, delay leaf senescence, and increase average yield by 16.6%. In dry or dry areas, the effect of increasing production is more pronounced.
Third, defense dry hot wind, increase the grain weight
1. Spraying rooting powder ABT4 at the jointing stage of wheat, with 5-15 mg/kg ABT4 rooting powder solution, spraying with foliar, can increase tiller success rate, increase mu wheat, enhance root activity, delay Leaf senescence, defense dry hot wind.
2, spray 30 alkanol in wheat booting stage and flowering period, with 0.5 ml / kg 30 alkanol solution sprayed once, can increase the grain size of 8.1%, grain weight increased by 5.6% - 6.8%.
3. The oil auxiliaries are applied during the flowering period of wheat to the grain-filling stage, and 1000 kilograms of the oil booster solution of 50 kilograms are sprayed in the mu to prevent hot air and increase grain weight. During the grain-filling period of wheat, 25 kg of 60 mg/kg phenoxyacetic acid solution is sprayed in the mu, which also protects against dry hot air and increases the weight of 1,000 grains.
4, Gibberellin in the returning green period of wheat, mu spray 30-50 mg / kg of gibberellin solution 40-50 kg, can reduce the late wheat ineffective delivery, increase grain weight; in the jointing stage of wheat, spraying 40 mg / kg The gibberellin solution is 40-50 kilograms, which can effectively increase the grain weight and increase grain weight.
5, sodium bisulfite sodium bisulfite is a photorespiration inhibitor, spraying 100 mg / kg to 200 mg / kg solution 50 kg / acre in the early grout, can speed up the grouting process and nutrient operation, so that Thousand grain weight increased by about 14%, and the potential for yield increase reached 28% or more.
6. Penicillin penicillin can promote the synthesis of chlorophyll in wheat leaves, delay its decomposition period, promote the expansion of leaf area, enhance the photosynthetic capacity of plants, prolong the photosynthetic time, and spray 250 mg/kg twice from the booting stage to the grain filling stage of wheat. Penicillin solution, wheat can increase production by more than 20%.
7. The leaf surface of Baoyebaobao contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements. The effect of increasing yield is obvious in different soils, environments, and climates. During the jointing to filling period, spraying according to the instructions for use of pharmaceuticals. - 2 times, generally can increase production 15-20%.
8, spray potassium permanganate Potassium permanganate can be sterilized, increase the amount of potassium, manganese and other nutrients, there are improved seed-setting rate and the effect of 1000-grain weight. With a 0.2% solution, 50-70 kilograms are sprayed during the jointing stage to the booting stage, and the yield increase effect can reach over 10%.
9. Spray aspirin Spraying 1% of aspirin solution 50-70 kg per acre in wheat from booting to filling can speed up the grain filling speed and increase the weight of 1,000 grains, and the yield increase can reach 10%— 12%.
Fourth, promote high quality wheat yield
1, spray rare animal planting treasure in the early stages of wheat production, take a bottle of rare earth and moving plant treasure on the water 30-40 kg; booting to spray earliest spray twice, a bottle of water spraying about 20 kg. Because it contains various nutrients, it can make new roots of wheat grow faster, increase effective tilling; increase spike rate and seed setting rate, and increase panicle size; increase resistance to drought, cold, and wheat rust resistance; can make wheat ahead of schedule Mature within 5-7 days, high quality, increase production 15-25%.
2, spraying plant cytokinins plant cytokinins can promote the formation of chlorophyll and protein synthesis, enhance photosynthesis and stress resistance. In the jointing stage of wheat to the heading stage, 50 grams of plant cell mitogens, 200-300 kilograms of water, and evenly sprayed according to conventional methods, are conducive to early maturing, high quality and high yield.
3. K-1 sprayer K-1 is one of the research achievements of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which can ensure the stability of the wheat cell membrane system in the cold, drought, drought, lodging, pests and diseases; and there is a Plant nutrients can promote the development of root system and plant growth. If applied throughout the whole growth period, it can prevent premature senescence in the middle and late stages, increase photosynthesis and seed setting rate and fruit quality, and the worse the natural conditions, the more obvious the effect of anti-reverse production increase. , Can make the wheat mature 3-1 days earlier, the increase rate of 10% -30%.

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