Sterilization pot sterilization operation specification

1. The operator of the sterilization pot must pass the training and pass the examination and then hold the certificate.

2. The operator strictly follows the procedures and finds an abnormality. It is urgently processed within the capability range and immediately reports to the superior.

Third, check before sterilization:

1. Check the lighting device of the sterilization workshop for any abnormalities such as damage, and ensure that the illumination of the surface of the chronograph and mercury thermometer must reach 500LX or higher.
2. Check if the power source, steam source and air source of the sterilizer are ready; check the operation of the console.

3. Check the ventilator inlet and control valve; the control valve of the steam bypass pipe; check the steam automatic control valve.

4. Check if the fumarole is blocked by deposits.

5. Check the vents for any factors that prevent rapid air removal.

6. Check if the exhaust device meets the requirements, check whether the exhaust valve and steam valve are flexible, and open and close completely; check the inlet valve and air valve for leaks.

7. Check if the air release valve is flexible and open and close completely.

8. Check if the silencer is operating normally and there is any blockage or damage.

9. Check whether the water pipe control valve seal is good and there is no leakage; when the water is diffused through the water diffusion pipe, the hole is in compliance with the blockage.

10. Check that the air line seals used for back pressure cooling are good.

11. Check if the mercury thermometer is normal and meet the requirements.
12. Check the canned sterilization time for more than 1 hour.

13. When preparing for sterilization, check if the initial temperature of the product meets the initial temperature required by the sterilization formula.

14. Check that the cans are placed flush in the basket and there is no overlap.

Fourth, the sterilization of each product is carried out according to the sterilization process parameters of the upper wall.

5. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the sterilization pot:

1. Select the automatic operation mode:

(1) Select the barrel automatic heating switch to be in the ON position, and the hot water tank is automatically filled with water.

(2) The hot water tank automatically fills the water to the set temperature after the water level is high, and the operation preparation lamp flashes.

2. Open the kettle door and place the product in the kettle with the trolley.

3. Close the kettle and lock it to open the kettle door air support device.

4. Press Auto Start to start automatically.

5. Hot water injection → cycle sterilization → replacement and recovery of hot water → secondary cooling → sterilization is finished.

6. Product removal: 1 Press the auto stop button to turn off the light; 2 Turn off the lid air supply device and vent. 3 Open the kettle door and take out the product with the trolley.

7. The control panel temperature setting should be 1 °C lower than the mercury thermometer.

8. After filling the water tank, add “533” 1000ml, add “533” 500ml after cooling, fill with water, and add “533” 700ml to fill the water after the second cooling.

9. If an abnormality occurs during the automatic operation, the automatic operation can be stopped according to the pause. The operator can use the manual switch operation. After the abnormality is eliminated and then press “Auto Start”, the automatic process will run.

10. If an abnormality occurs during the automatic operation, it can be directly switched to the manual mode.

Sixth, post-sterilization inspection
1. Sterilization record: "Sterilization checklist", temperature record curve, temperature record requires recording mercury thermometer reading; temperature record curve requires separate pot, and indicate: product name, sterilizer number, pot time, sterilization date, pre-treatment batch number. After separation, adhere to the Sterilization Checklist for review. All sterilization records must be fully reviewed within the second working day. When the inspection finds that the sterilization record does not meet the process guidance requirements, it is difficult to judge the sterilization safety of the canned food by the inspection of the sterilization record, and it is determined that the batch of products is unqualified.

2. When the product is sterilized, stick the thermal test paper on the sterilizing bar and discharge it in the “unsterilized” marking area in order. Check the sterilized product for the thermal test paper and store it in the “sterilized” marking area in order. Inside.

3. Sterilization is completed, and the quality control is used to detect the senses and hygiene.

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