Straw making starch

Crop stalks contain a lot of starch. Extracting the starch from it can not only feed, but also make wine, vinegar, and sugar.
Making starch from corn stalks First peel off the hard skin of corn stalks. Cut the no-worm scorpions into thin slices. Soak them in clean water for 12 hours and put them into a large pot to cook. When the boiled rice dumplings are boiled, stir it into a paste, dilute it with a proper amount of fresh water, and sieve it. Then put the filtered slurry into a fine cloth bag and squeeze or hang it to obtain wet starch.
Use soybean meal to make starch sieve to remove sediment impurities, then wash with water to remove dust, then put it in clean water and soak for 8 to 10 hours, remove it and put it into the pot to cook it. Add 0.2 g The proportion of kilograms is added with soda ash. After simmering until the pods become sticky, remove the pods, pulverize them, add in fresh water, stir well and filter them with fine sieves. The filtered slurry is put into a cloth bag and squeezed to form wet starch.
Use straw or wheat straw to make starch. Rinse the straw or wheat straw with water, chop it and put it into an iron pan for cooking. Every kilogram adds boiling water 29 kilograms, soda 0.12 kilograms. After cooking for 45 minutes, remove and rub in cold water. Remove and crush. The finer the better. The crushed raw materials are then returned to the original solution, agitated for 10 to 20 minutes, and then filtered through a fine sieve. The filtered juice is poured into a large tank for clarification. After 12 hours, the waste liquid containing impurities is removed and the lower layer is removed. The dope is put into a bag and squeezed to make wet starch.

    This classification summarizes the Organic Spirulina produced by our own factory in northwestern of China .     

    We have advanced equipment and strict quality control system to ensure the quality and production.

    Organic Spirulina

    The products under the classification are:

    1. Organic Spirulina Powder .

    2. Organic Spirulina Tablets .

    Various parameter specifications of our product:

    Naturland Certified ; CERES certified .
    EU & NOP standard ; Kosher & Halal Available .
    Low heavy metals & Micro Contents , Low & Stable PAH4 Level , 
    PAH4 value is less than 10 ppb .Low microorganismsNon-Irradiation , 
    Non GMO , Gluten Free , Allergen Free , Pesticides Free .
    Own Factory :  Manufacture in northwest of China . Legitimacy , Regularity , Cultural .
    Own Lab : Quality control and Product development . Strictly , Creativity , Responsibility .

    YIJIAN Company

    About Company
    Yanchi County Yijian Biotechnol Co.,Ltd
    was founded in Dec 2012 , 
    by Mr. Dezhi Zhang , 
    the legal representative of the company . 
    Company registered capital is 10 million RMB . 
    The main business sectors are culture , processing , internal sales , import and export trade of organic spirulina and Organic Chlorella products . 
    Yijian is known globally as one of the major suppliers of microalgae products across the world . 
    Annual production rate is 600 Mt . 
    Average annual sales income is around 5 million dollar .

Organic Spirulina

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