Strawberry cultivation cultivation management technology

After thawing the frozen water, cover the mulch and cold-proof material on the ridge (ridge) and thawed and remove the cold-proof material in the following year. When the heart of the strawberry sprouts, the membrane breaks and the seedlings are pulled out, so that the harvest period is 5-7 days ahead of the open-land strawberry. . If small and medium-sized greenhouses or solar greenhouses are cultivated and managed, they can be harvested about 20 days earlier than the open season, and extended for 10-15 days or even longer. The specific approach female mouth:
(1) Shed the shed at night when the temperature dropped to 8°C and covered the grasshoppers at night.
(2) After covering the shed, cover the black mulch on the ridge and break the hole to shoot the seedlings, remove the silt, remove the yellow leaves, leave the main buds and 2-3 robust branches or lateral buds.
(3) Within 10 days after the baiting, when the room temperature reaches 25-30°C, 5-10 mg/kg gibberellin is sprayed to the seedlings to break the dormancy, and the long dormant species spray another 5 mg/kg red before budding. Cinomycin.
(4) During the initial period of the shed, 20-30°C during the day and 10-12°C during the night. When the daily temperature is too high, small water or water spray should be used to supplement the humidity. During the day of budding 26-28°C, the night temperature is not lower than 8°C. Flowering temperature of 20-25 °C, 10-12 °C at night. The fruit enlargement period is 20-25°C during the day and 8°C at night. The harvest period is 18-24°C during the day and 5-6°C at night. When the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature, it is necessary to let the air cool and dehumidify, and when the temperature drops to a low point, close the air inlet and keep the relative humidity at 60%-70%.
(5) Infusing 1-2 water in the bud stage and applying 15kg/667 square meters of ternary compound fertilizer to promote budding. Watering during flowering control. Fruit ripening should be timely watered to keep the soil moist, and combine with watering to chase a fertilizer every other time, each time superphosphate, urea and potassium sulfate are each 8 kg/667 m2, or ternary compound fertilizer is 20 kg/667 g Square meters 3-4 times, at the same time foliar spraying 2 000 times cloud 120 liquid, or rare earth micro-fertilizer 3 000 times, or potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300 times 3-4 times.
(6) Remove the old, yellow and diseased leaves in time for good ventilation and light protection. Leave 7-8 buds in each inflorescence before flowering to remove the weak tips and make the results neat and concentrated.
(7) Spray borax 500 times once during budding (the borax is first dissolved with high wine) to improve the quality of the flower. Artificial pollination was conducted with a fan or feather duster or brush at 11-12 hours noon. The beehive can be moved indoors to be pollinated by bees.
(8) The CO2 generator is used to discharge CO2 before releasing the air in the result period every morning 8-10 hours.
(9) Conditional lighting can be supplemented with light from the evening to nighttime in the result period from the evening to the night, which has a significant effect on preventing premature senescence, increasing fruits and increasing production.

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