Strengthening inspection and treatment of peanut stem rot

Peanut stalk rot is a devastating disease on peanuts. It mainly causes rot, rot, and dead seedlings. Generally, it can cause 10% dead seedlings, 20% to 30% dead seedlings in heavy plots, and up to 80 dead seedlings in extremely heavy plots. More than %, a greater impact on production. Due to the widespread occurrence of the disease in our province last year, the large amount of bacteria in the soil, coupled with the recent rainfall weather, at present, some plots (spring sowing) began to occur, and localities should strengthen investigation and timely prevention and control.
First, the symptoms of the disease mainly infects the rhizomes of peanuts, often mixed with root rot. Its characteristics are fast propagation and high rate of dead seedlings. The disease can occur from the seedling stage to the adult stage, with the most severe onset of flowering. At the seedling stage, the cotyledons became dark, and yellowish-brown water-stained lesions appeared at the base of stems, causing dead seedlings in severe cases. In the adult stage, the leaf color becomes lighter, the leaf color becomes light at the beginning, wilting at noon, and recovery is possible sooner or later. The yellowish-brown water-stained lesions appear in the roots and stems. With the development of the disease, the plants are wilting and dead. The diseased parts are easily peeled off and black-brown fibers are exposed. Serious black spots can be seen. The initial stage of the disease is the critical period of drug use. However, the initial symptoms are similar to that of deficiency, and attention should be paid to distinguishing them. The plants can be pulled up to observe whether the roots and stems are spotted or darkened.

Second, the incidence of the disease The disease is mainly infected by soil and bacteria seeds, and spread with the rain, so the incidence of heavy rainfall years.

The onset of the disease has two peaks. One is from late May to late June. This period is the spring flowering stage of peanut sowing in spring and peanut in peanut. It needs more water and fertilizer and is also the first peak of onset; the second is summer in August. Live peanuts are also gradually entering the flowering stage, suitable temperature moderate rainfall, will cause the bacteria to infect again. If the two phases encounter rainy weather, the disease will increase. In addition, land masses with extensive management and soil viscosity are more susceptible to disease.

Third, prevention and control measures The disease will rapidly spread after the rain or after the pouring of water, resulting in a piece of dead cockroaches, so the prevention and control requirements to prevent the main, and immediately after the detection of diseased plants.

1. Strengthen management. Mainly through reasonable fertilization, appropriate density, timely cultivator, timely drainage and other measures to promote the seedlings robust, enhance plant disease resistance and reduce the chance of disease.

2. Sowing before sowing, drying seeds can be a good way to kill the bacteria on the shell, while increasing the seed germination rate, can be selected in the fine weather before sowing peanuts spread 1 ~ 2 days and then sown.

3. Promote drug seed dressing. Chemical seed dressing is simple and feasible, which can solve the occurrence of underground pests, soil-borne and species-borne diseases. It is understood that some farmers do not mix herbs or only insecticides. The current selection of summer peanuts after wheat harvest should be well seed dressing technology. Can be seeded by 0.2% carbendazim seed dressing, that is, 1 kg seed with 1 ml carbendazim, can also be soaked in the above ratio for 24 hours and then sowing. Insecticide fungicides can be mixed, generally mixed with insecticide mixed with fungicide.

4. In the growing period of peanuts, it is necessary to step up prevention and control of the disease to prevent the spread of proliferation. We can choose high-quality 50% carbendazim WP or 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 600 to 800 times to irrigate the root, 50 to 60 mus of water. Kilograms remove the sprayer head and align the stem base spray.

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