Suggestions for purchasing soya-bean milk machine

Soymilk Machine Selection Guide If you want to buy a good soymilk machine that you like, you need to compare and verify it from many aspects. Here are some suggestions for you:

1, look at the brand: brand-name soya-bean milk machine generally after years of market testing, performance is more perfect and superior, with reliable quality and good reputation, deeply loved by the people, by everyone's general recommendation.

2, look at the quality: the best way is to understand the materials and accessories used in the source, good soymilk machine generally used materials and accessories are superior, many are imported. In addition, we must also look at the authority certification and authoritative quality assurance title obtained by the machine, such as China Electrician Great Wall Certification, EU CE certification, quality inspection, etc. Generally, the evaluation and title award of the authority is very strict.

3, look at the service: look at the actual pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, especially the density of service outlets, perfect service system is also a good guarantee of product quality.

4. Look at the construction and design of the machine:

At first glance, whether it has a real intelligent non-stick and easy-cleaning technology: the real intelligent non-stick soymilk machine starts the refining and other processing procedures after heating the water temperature to the standard temperature. Some machines claim to have this technology, but they make The soy milk is not thick and not fragrant, and it often happens.

Second, look at the smashing effect: Whether the performance of the motor and the design of the blade are reasonable determines the degree of pulverization of the beans, determines the level of soymilk pulping, and the motor is the core component of the soymilk machine, and the performance is crucial. In addition, a good blade should have a certain angle of inclination of the spiral, so that when the blade is rotated, the beans are broken in a three-dimensional space, not only the broken beans are completely, but also a huge centrifugal force is generated, and the nutrients in the beans are fully released. The flat blade only rotates the broken beans on one plane, and the effect is not very good.

Third, look at the technology of the net cover: the design of the mesh cover mesh is very important. The mesh cover of the mesh cover is arranged according to the herringbone pattern, dense and uniform, the hole wall is smooth and flat, no blockage, no slurry, high pulping rate. . Inferior mesh covers can't do this. When you purchase, you can lift the net cover from the outside to the inside. If the transparency is high and the mesh arrangement is very orderly, it is a good mesh cover, otherwise it is not.

Fourth, look at the shape of the heating tube: the lower part of the ideal soymilk heating tube is a small semi-circular shape, which is easy to wash and load and unload the net cover. For the manufacturer, this heating tube is technically difficult and costly. In some cases, the lower half of the soymilk heating tube is large and semi-circular, which is difficult to wash and load and unload the net cover.

5. See if the "golden ratio" design is used: whether the ratio of the amount of beans to the amount of water, the temperature of the refining water, the time of refining, the time of cooking, etc., achieve the best effect, especially after the first boiled soy milk It is most ideal to cook for 4-5 minutes. If the cooking time is too short, it will not be cooked. If it is too long, it will easily lose nutrients such as saponins in soy milk.

5, to see if some special features are reasonable and necessary: ​​if some claims to be able to keep warm storage, some in the soymilk machine directly bubble beans timing, some suggest consumers to dry beans, etc., in fact, soy milk insulation storage is easy to deteriorate It is only suitable for refrigerated storage; while using the timing function to directly use the water of soy beans to make soy milk is neither hygienic nor good taste; directly using soy milk with dried beans affects the rate of pulping and affects nutrient absorption. Therefore, consumers should analyze the specific problems when purchasing soya-bean milk machine, and do not trust the one-sided words of the manufacturers, so as not to buy back inappropriate products.

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