Summer and autumn feeding techniques of blue fox and white fox

Midsummer and early fall are the hot and humid seasons. This is the female blue fox, the white fox is in the gestation period or the littering period, and the male fox is also in the recovery period of rest. Because the female fox is bred, the female fox undergoes pregnancy and maternity and breast-feeding. It consumes large amounts of nutrients, has a generally declining body condition, and is thin in shape and loss of appetite, which easily leads to malnutrition. Therefore, in the summer of the blue fox and white fox feeding and management, should adopt a high level of raising, in order to increase the milk production of the mother fox, to ensure the survival rate and normal development of the fox, so that the fox body can be restored as soon as possible for the next year Normal breeding breeds a good foundation. First, carefully feed the feed to ensure that there is no deterioration of fresh, variety of species, the quality of the full price formula, timely drinking enough water; to improve the quality of the female fox milk and milk quality, promote the normal development and growth of the fox. Dietary animal feed constitutes 70% of the total, 25% of plant feed, and 5% of vegetables. At the same time, appropriate amounts of salt, bone meal, oxytetracycline, and vitamins A, B, and C are added to the feed. Second, to strengthen management due to female fox late pregnancy or litter size early response to changes in the external environment, a little movement will cause restlessness of the female fox, often due to speakers, drums, firecrackers and a variety of odors, bright clothing, etc. will cause the female fox To bite the fox and even eat it, it is necessary to create a quiet and suitable environment for the fox. For newly hatched female foxes, it is necessary to conduct timely inspections, and careful and thorough inspections should be conducted using a combination of listening, watching and checking. Listening: The breeder is standing outside the farrowing box to listen to the call of the fox inside the farrowing box and the end of the claws to determine whether the fox is healthy. To see: to look at the appetite, feces, nipples, and activity of the female fox, to determine the mother Whether or not the fox cares for foxes is normal or not; Check: It is after 7 days that the breeder opens the litter box to check the number and health of foxes. Find problems and take effective and effective rescue measures in time; do everything possible to increase the survival rate of the Foxes. Third, prevention and treatment of diseases, infectious diseases, severe epidemics, high mortality rate of barium, viral enteritis, viral encephalitis and other infectious diseases to promptly lay a good epidemic prevention needle, on the cold and due to food deterioration caused by poisoning and fox Gastric distention, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and other common diseases must be done early detection, early detection, early treatment, early recovery. We must do a good job of cleanliness and hygiene for the fox house, excrete should be cleared in time, and do a good job in preventing epidemics. Fourth, heatstroke cooling Fox is not afraid of heat and cold, summer temperatures rise, the species of male and female foxes and Aberdeen fox must conscientiously do a good job of cooling off the heat, build a shade shelter to prevent sunstroke and heat stroke. Drink plenty of clean water; keep the fox house clean and hygienic. Food dishes and all kinds of tools must be cleaned regularly to ensure healthy growth of male and female foxes and foxes.

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