Summer care must pay attention

When the feed temperature is about 30°C, the amount of earthworms is the largest and the amount of food consumed increases with the increase of the amount of activities. The molting period is correspondingly shortened, and the hatching and growth of oviposition are greatly accelerated. At this time, adequate supply of sufficient food should be provided. Feed, mainly meat and protein-rich feed, such as flies, cockroaches, yellow mealworms and so on.
Sufficient drinking water should be provided within the feeding pond for drinking water. Otherwise, if there is water for a few days after the water is cut off, it will lead to the death of the fish. When the temperature reaches 35°C, if you do not pay attention to the water supply, you will die due to dehydration. Therefore, in addition to doing a good job of drinking water in summer, it is also very important to do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling.
Disease prevention and treatment in the summer is the season with the highest morbidity and mortality, especially the diseases caused by mold. Therefore, while doing a good job of cooling off the sun, we must pay attention to control the amount of watering, so that multiple sprays, and to prevent worms feeding rot mildew food.

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