Summer fertilizer four questions and answers

Why are top dressings generally scheduled for summer?

High temperature and rain in summer are beneficial to the growth of various crops. And it is sunny enough for the photosynthesis of the leaves. The carbohydrates produced by crop photosynthesis require large amounts of nitrogen to form amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids. For food crops such as wheat, corn, and rice, the summer is a season of vigorous growth between vegetative and reproductive growth. The rapid growth of crops requires large amounts of nutrients, especially nitrogen and potassium, and therefore requires top dressing. This is determined by the laws of crop nutrition and climate.

What are the main fertilizers for dressing in the summer?

The field crops are mainly topdressing nitrogenous fertilizers, and economic crops such as vegetables, tobacco, grapes, and cotton. In addition to nitrogen fertilizers, topdressing potassium fertilizers are also used. For example, the spring corn crop is treated with urea single-use basal fertilizer as a reference, and the other half of urea is topdressed and applied at the end of July and early August. The latter can increase nitrogen utilization by 10-20 percent. This shows that the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer application is significantly higher than that of all nitrogen fertilizers as the base fertilizer application method. With regard to the methods of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers applied in the summer, they must be ditched and covered to avoid the loss of nitrogen volatilization caused by the application of nitrogen fertilizers and the fixation of potassium by potassium on the surface.

With nitrogen fertilizer as top dressing, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is obviously improved. Is it related to the nature of nitrogen fertilizer?

Yes. At present, the existing nitrogen fertilizers are water-soluble. If nitrogen fertilizer is used for the whole growth period as a base fertilizer before application, the residence time of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil is very long, and the early growth of the crops is slow, the absorption is low, and it is easy to cause Nitrogen fertilizer loss. When the high temperature and rainy season arrives, the crop enters a rapid growth stage and requires a lot of nutrients. At this time, some nitrogen fertilizers already applied to the soil have already been lost, and the nutrient supply is insufficient, which will cause the post-crop growth and deferment and reduce the yield.

The efficiency of top dressing in summer is related to the nutritional characteristics of the crop.

It is very relevant that the demand for nutrients during the growing period of crops is of a phased nature. Seedling period is the critical period of nutrition. The amount of nutrients needed is not large, but it is very important. It is generally supplied through seed fertilizers. In summer, it is the rapid growth period of crops and also the maximum efficiency period of crop nutrients. At this time, topdressing, the efficiency of absorption and utilization of nutrients by crops is high. Therefore, the utilization rate of fertilizers is also significantly increased.

However, it should be noted that topdressing N and K fertilizers should be covered with soil to avoid the loss of nitrogen during the high temperature and rainy season. (Hou Ligong)

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