Summer hare home "Four Qiao"

1. Feeding rabbits with summer diets should pay attention to lowering dietary energy levels and increasing protein levels in the diet; feeding rabbits with low-energy high-protein proteins based on the ratio of fine, solid, and coarse materials in accordance with the breed, sex, and physiological stages of rabbits. The full price of feed, crude fiber should be controlled at 12% to 14%, as far as possible the choice of green feed containing less moisture; appropriate feed plantain, Artemisia annua, purslane, garlic, leeks, watermelon rinds, poplar flowers, etc. have a certain Medicinal value of the plant can not only meet certain nutrition, but also play a role in anti-inflammatory detoxification, diuretic diarrhea, Jianwei antibacterial. 2. Feeding skillfully arranged daily feeds to be fed early for breakfast, late for dinner, Chinese food to feed a small amount of green fodder, night to feed night grass, and at the same time supply sufficient drinking water, and add 1% to 2% of salt in drinking water, pay attention to 80 % of feed is concentrated until early and late feeding. In addition, care should be taken not to feed grass with rain, mud, dew, or feed prickly plants, or feeds that are not fed with mildew, deterioration, or excrement, and feed forages and poisonous plants that are contaminated with pesticides. 3. Prevention of diseases should be carried out through mother-son-partitioning, regular breast-feeding, and size grouping; timely injection of rabbits, Pasteurella, Clostridium perfringens and other infectious disease vaccines; to hare often drink 0.01% potassium permanganate water or 0.02% Mindling Lingshui; feeding grass or hay grass; adhere to the use of drugs to prevent coccidiosis, the commonly used drugs such as chlorpheniridine, coccidione, grams ball powder, enemy bacteria net, pay attention to alternate medication, adhere to every 10 days About 2% of Lysol liquid was used to wipe the abdomen of female rabbits, then washed with water and wiped dry with gauze. 4. Emotional maturation and reasonable mating of female rabbits in summer can increase the economic benefit of rabbits throughout the year. For the public rabbits, special cooling protection can be adopted, and the animals can be kept in cool places, with the temperature controlled between 22°C and 28°C. At the same time, attention should be paid to feeding the rabbits with full-price diets rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals; The mother hare should pay attention to the diet that provides nutrition, shade and heatstroke. Breeding time should be arranged in the early morning or late afternoon. Care should be taken to ensure that empty female rabbits are bred before the end of June and after mid-August, avoiding breeding in July, and preventing high-grade male rabbits from having poor semen quality and difficulty conceiving. The breeding method can be combined with double breeding and repeated breeding. Observe female nursery rabbits in order to observe the time-honored breeding of wild mother rabbits.

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