Summer pots management points

In the summer, it is the prime time for the growth and development of most flowers and plants, and it is also a critical period for management.
1. Shade Most potted plants such as June Snow, Camellia, Rhododendron, Clivia, etc. can not withstand the direct light of the summer, should put the potted plants in shade or shady trees. Sheds can be made with bamboo blinds, straw blinds, shading nets, etc. At the same time, at noon, water should be sprayed down to the nearby ground and shade sheds to increase the humidity, which is conducive to the summer heat of flowers and trees.
2, watering Summer high temperatures, rapid evaporation of water, transpiration is strong, so Qing Qin watering, watering and the number of times depending on the weather conditions, plant species and other conditions to grasp. The best time to water is in the early morning or evening and avoid watering at noon during summer. It is best to use rain or pond water. If tap water is used, it should be stored in a water tank or a storage tank for 24 hours to raise the temperature and bring chlorine out.
3, fertilization in summer potted fertilization should be based on the thin-fertilizer, the principle of less than a lot, should not be too large concentration, so as not to cause shoots and plants or wilting plants. Fertilizer should be a variety of reasonable use, and pay attention to adjust the pH. The concentration of chemical fertilizers is generally 0.2%-0.5%, and fertilizer should be strictly controlled at mid-summer.
4, pruning flowers and trees heavy shear generally in the spring and winter. According to the specific conditions of flowers and trees, proper trimming is also needed in summer. For summer flowers such as jasmine, hibiscus and Chinese rose, they should be trimmed immediately after flowering to prevent nutrient consumption. For trees with strong germination power such as snow and eucalyptus in June, they should be trimmed and reshaped in time; to maintain nutrients, excess The axillary buds, buds, and dense branches should be removed in time.
5. Diseases and Insect Pests Prevention Summer temperatures are high and rainfall is high, which is a season in which pests and diseases occur frequently. In the growth period of flowers, insect pests such as mites, spider mites, scale insects, etc. are generally harmful; 40% omethoate and 90% dichlorvos 1500-2000 times can be used for spraying; if white powder, anthrax, etc., Bordeaux fluid can be used, 50% Topiramate or 65% zeocin 600-800 times for control.

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