Summer sowing peanuts sowing is the key

1. Rotation of crops for planting can produce high-yield peanut oysters, fear of heavy pods. Heavy peanuts generally show small trees, yellow leaves, early leaves, many pests, and small and small fruits. Some of the 667-square-metre 500 kg peanut farms are mostly fertile farmlands that have been planted for five or six years or have not grown legumes. It is difficult to obtain high yields even if fertilizers are added to grow groundnuts in heavy land.

2. Deep plowing can increase yield and quality Peanuts are deep-rooted crops. Properly deepening the tillage layer can promote the development of root groups of peanuts and enhance their ability to absorb fertilizer and water, which will help improve the yield and quality of peanuts. General deep plowing 26 to 33 cm.


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