Summer tomato seedling technology

The summer tomato nursery aims to provide strong seedlings for planting in mid-September. The technical points are as follows:
1, choose a good seed. Select early adaptability varieties with strong adaptability, disease resistance, high quality and high yield, such as Lufen 2, Zifen 65, Zaofeng and Zaokui. In regions where the virus disease occurs more severely, middle-late and late-maturing virus-resistant varieties such as Qiang Mi Shou, Qiang Feng, Lufen No. 1, Shuangkang No. 2 and Zhongza No. 4 can also be used. However, early sowing should be conducted in due course, leaving 2 ear fruits after the planting and early topping.
2, nursery cricket selection and finishing. The oyster cultivars, which were not planted with tomato and pepper and other solanaceous vegetables and were convenient for irrigation and drainage, were selected for cultivation within 3 years. In the recurrence areas of virus diseases, there was no cucumber field near the nursery cultivars. The nursery compartment is made of 1-1.5-meter-wide semi-high sorghum, or an easy-to-drain flat rake, with sufficient decomposing circumfertility, etc.
3. Select the appropriate sowing date. The northern region is generally suitable for late July and early August. If sowing is early, the high temperature during the seedling stage is too long, then the disease is heavy; if the planting is late, the disease is light, but after the planting, the fruit has not yet grown or matured, the weather has turned cold and the yield is low. The areas with mild disease and cool summer can be sowed late; those with medium-late-maturing varieties can be sowed early, while those with early-maturing varieties can be sowed late.
4, seed before sowing. Three to four days prior to sowing, the seeds were first soaked in 10% trisodium phosphate solution for 20 minutes to passivate the virus carried by the seeds. After washing the liquid with water, put the seeds in warm water at 50°C, stir and cool them to 30°C, and soak them for 3 hours. Remove the seeds, drain them, wrap them with a damp cloth, and germinate them at room temperature. The germination stage was washed with water once a day to prevent mildew. After germination, the seedlings were poured into foot-water, planted at 4-5 pm and covered with 1-1.5 cm soil after sowing.
5, sowing seedbed seedbed management. After sowing, take a arbor on the nursery hoe and cover the shade with cool grass curtains at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on a sunny day. After emergence and time seedlings, and sprayed with malathion or omethoate 800-1000 times every 5-7 days to control seedlings aphids. Seedling drought, appropriate watering; Rainy days can be covered with plastic film rain in the pergolas.
6. Seedling management of seedlings. Select raw oysters for split seedlings, simmered with internal rot for the base fertilizer; poor soil fertility, each standard sorghum (33.3 square meters) can also be mixed with 1 kg of N, P, K compound fertilizer, and deep dip the soil. Mix the fertilizer with the soil and smooth the surface. Seedlings up to 2-3 true leaves when the seedlings, seedlings from 10-12 cm. Sub-seedling after the seedling period, before and after noon can be appropriate scaffolding shade. The growth of the seedlings should not be over-weighted. When the soil is dry, the water should be watered as appropriate. 3-5 days before planting, cut into pieces with water, take measures to prevent rain after cutting, so that the seedlings can be planted with soil.

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