Summer use of tractor

In hot summer weather, tractors are mishandled in high temperature environments and are prone to accidents. The following items should be observed during use:

1, the correct use of temperature control device. Some drivers often remove the thermostat in summer, which will greatly prolong the warm-up time of the engine and accelerate the wear of parts. Therefore, the thermostat should not be removed in the summer, generally without insulation curtains. The shutters should also be placed in the fully open position.

2, pay attention to the battery maintenance. Special attention should be paid to the liquid level inspection of the battery. The normal liquid level should be 10-15 mm above the plate. The electrolytic density of the battery should be adjusted as required. The ventilation hole on the filler cap should be dredged.

3. Carefully handle the "open pot." When the cooling water “opens the pot,” be careful. Run the engine at medium speed, open the cover of the radiator, release the hot air to cool down, and slowly add cold water. When opening the radiator cover, the operator should stand in the upwind position to avoid being scalded by high temperature water and gas.

4, the correct choice of oil. In summer, the temperature is high, diesel with a higher freezing point can be used, and the correctness of the fuel supply advance angle can be guaranteed. In addition, special attention must be paid to preventing oil spills in the oil supply system. In addition to diesel, lubricants and greases should also be selected for use in summer.

5, anti-burn oil and gas resistance. During summer driving, a wet cloth can be placed on the fuel pump, and watering can be done regularly to keep it moist and reduce the generation of air resistance.

In addition to the above maintenance must be used, but also to maintain the tractor cooling system clean, reasonable adjustment of the belt tension, etc., try to prevent various failures.

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