Summer vegetable pests and diseases safety control points

Summer is the season when many kinds of pests are infested, and it is a crucial period for doing a good job of prevention and control. It is also a season in which crops are harmed by pesticides and poisoning accidents caused by livestock and poultry occur every year due to improper use of pesticides. In order to strengthen the safe production of vegetables in summer, effectively control the damage of vegetable pests, effectively reduce pesticide residues in vegetables, and ensure the safety of vegetable consumption, the following suggestions are made:

First, pay attention to the dynamics of summer vegetable pests.

In summer, vegetable pests such as Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera exigua, etc. have entered the season of occurrence of damage. They mainly affect cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage and broccoli, as well as various vegetables such as alfalfa, beans and melons. According to field investigations, Spodoptera litura and Spodoptera exigua larvae (1-2 years old) have clusters of harmful habits, and 3rd instar larvae disperse harm and enter the gluttony damage period. Based on the analysis of factors such as comprehensive climatic conditions, cultivation patterns of vegetable crops, and population base population, it is expected that pests such as Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera exigua and other insect pests will occur in various regions of the country from late July to early August.

Second, priority should be given to harmless treatment technology.

1, trapping technology. Promote the use of insect pests such as vegetable insect attractants, oriental red moth lamps, black light lamps, and sweet and sour vinegar pots. According to the results of the investigation of Oriental red moth killer lamps in vegetable bases in Cixi, Ningbo and Wenzhou, this method has a large moth killing rate. Insecticides are widely used to reduce the incidence of vegetable pests. They should be promoted in more concentrated bases for vegetable cultivation.

2, insect network coverage technology. Promotion of comprehensive coverage of greenhouses, roof top membrane rain cover plus cover around the insect network technology. Support the use of shade nets during high temperature and appropriately increase the number of water sprays.

3. Manually remove eggs and leaves. The young larvae of Spodoptera litura and Spodoptera exigua have clusters of harmful habits. The 3rd instar larvae disperse and become harmful. In combination with agricultural operations, insect eggs and leaves can be removed promptly and destroyed centrally to reduce their spread.

4. Promote the application of bio-pesticides and control technologies for high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue pesticides. In the period of egg hatching from the night moth pests to the youngest larvae, Bt 500 times liquid, 1% of 1% Waxdar cream 3000-4000 times, or 20% of rice full suspension 1500 times, or 40% can be selected. Chlorpyrifos EC 1000 times, or 55% ACSR (poisoned chlorine) EC 1000 times, or 15% ACV 1500 times, or 52.5% ACDF 1000-1500 times, or 10% EC 1000-1500 times liquid, spray control, depending on the development of insects, every 5-7 days, even the defense 2-3 times. Attention should be paid to the rotation of pharmaceuticals in order to improve the efficacy and delay the development of pest resistance. In high temperature season, the concentration of the used drug should not be too high. It should be administered in the evening or morning to ensure the control effect.

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