Sweet potato winter storage to make money

The traditional method of storing sweet potato in winter is generally stored in crypts and sweet potato wells. The stock is not large, and once it is opened, it will rot or appear dark. The new method of storing sweet potatoes requires only digging 4 meters and a length of 15 meters (determined by length), a cellar wall 1.3 meters high, an arch height of 1.3 meters, a covering thickness of 1.4 meters, and several vent holes for a long storage period. For a year. To enter the cellar at the price of 8,000 yuan per kilogram of origin, 60,000 kilograms of potatoes can be stored. After the Spring Festival, the wholesale price per kilogram will be between 2 and 3 yuan, the cost of building pits will not exceed 5,000 yuan, the acquisition cost will be 24,000 yuan, and the profit will be 30,000 yuan. The cellar was built in the same year and the cost was recovered in one year. This method is suitable for farmers in sweet potato production areas. Rongji

Adult back massage Pedicure Spa Chair It is divided into electric and robotic. Difference between robot and electric: 1. The robot has one more function than electric to insert audio data. 2. The back of the robot only has 4 massage bead up and down activities massage, electric backrest has 8 massage beads fixed massage. 3. The price of the robotic arm is 1,000 yuan more than that of the electric motor. There is an eggshell outside the massage chair. It mainly looks like high-end atmosphere. The chair neck and shoulder chair 4 kneading balls and the back waist a set of four kneading balls. Pinch massage, buttocks vibrating four vibrating cycle massage, the back of the chair lying back, the seat before and after manual remote adjustment, chair armrests have open cup holes, armrests can be up and down 90 degrees activities. The principle of the massage chair is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage. For normal people, artificial massage can enhance the body's natural resistance to disease and achieve health effects. However, the mechanical massage of the massage chair is different from the manual massage. Although the massage chair has several contacts, it cannot select points, acupuncture points, and perform similar artificial massage actions, but imitates the actions of [kneading" and [pinching" by humans. Therefore, the massage chair can only eliminate fatigue, relieve discomfort, and play a relaxing role, and its strength is not easy to control, the strength is small, and the effect is not great. When the strength is large, muscle pain will be caused.

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