Swordfish processing technology

Swordfish (xiphias gladus linnaeus) is a large deep-sea fish that is distributed in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. It is mainly captured by longline fishing methods. The individuals obtained are mostly about 10-100 kg and less than 100 kg. The largest individual body length of swordfish is up to 5 meters and weighs 400 kilograms. The swordfish is pink to red, with a good-looking flesh and delicious taste. It is popular in the US market and it is very expensive. There is no report on the processing technology of swordfish. The author engaged in this work in Singapore Sanhai Fisheries Co., Ltd. in 2003 and now summarizes swordfish processing techniques as follows: 1 Swordfish raw material procurement: Swordfish raw materials are purchased from offshore frozen processing vessels, requiring the fish skin to be bright and smooth without damage. Bright, no head, no tail, no viscera, when purchasing raw materials into storage, according to 10-25 kg; 25--45 kg; 45--70 kg; Freezer temperature should be below -15 °C. 2 Processing 2.1 Washing of raw fish The raw fish from the warehouse will be lightly placed on the fish washing platform. According to the water gun cleaning, this work was carried out by two people. One person took a gun and washed it. One used a wooden hook to flip the fish and quickly cleaned the fish. 2.2 The sawfish transports the washed fish to the large sawing platform through the roller. The saw fish mechanic cuts the fish along the back of the spine to form a uniform two halves. Do not saw the skewer. Then cut off the stomach and put the fish rack. Inside. 2.3 Planing the bones Put the sawn fish pieces on the planer skeleton, plan to cut off half of the spine and place it on the fish rack. 2.4 Bone scraping the membranous membrane Put the boned fish on the processing table and arrange them in order of head to tail. Wash off the surface of the fish with rapids. Then the bones are removed by the skilled workers. The tool is a semi-circular machete; After deboning, the fish was scraped off by the fish trimmer. After local debridement, the iron frame was manually moved (lifted). 2.5 Place the fish racks into four iron racks with a cover. Each layer is welded with galvanized iron sheet. After soaking polyethylene non-toxic plastics, lay them on the iron sheet. Put the repaired fish on the iron rack. Facing down, head to tail. 2.6 Packaged in stainless steel iron tank, add large pieces of ice, smashed with iron hooks, add tap water to make ice water mixture, the ratio of ice water is 1:2, quickly put the frozen processed fish into the ice trough After the ice is removed, it is checked by the quality inspector and put into their respective woven bags. The mouth is tied, the scales are called different grades (usually divided into one and two grades), and different weights (generally 20 to 30 pounds). 30 to 40 pounds, 40 to 50 pounds, 50 to 60 pounds, 60 to 90 pounds, and over 90 pounds, respectively, are loaded into drums and quickly filled by the forklift driver. Bucket people cold storage. 2.7 Slicing Cut the processed fish pieces along the blood line, remove the substandard places at the head and tail, slice them with a slicer (thickness is usually 1 inch), slicing, and send the ice into the ice packer by the conveyor belt. Into the automatic weighing machine, according to different weight levels (3 to 5 ounces, 5 to 7 ounces, 7 to 9 ounces, 9 to 11 ounces) sorting, and then manually put in the vacuum packaging machine packaging, usually a single package, sometimes Two bags together, depending on customer requirements. The packaged fish fillets are placed in a cardboard box, sealed with tape, and shipped to a freezer for storage. 3 Technical Highlights 3.1 To maintain the fish's low temperature To ensure the freshness of fish, during the processing, it is necessary to try not to raise the temperature of the fish. The lower the temperature of the fish, the less likely the fish to degenerate. Therefore, during the processing, Minimize the dwell time of the fish in the processing plant, flush the water, and reduce the temperature in the workshop (the workshop temperature should be below 12°C). 3.2 Raising the meat production rate The meat production rate of processed fish depends on the proficiency of the workers. Workers should participate in training, sawfish, bone grazing, bone removal, fish repair and other key positions after training. Experienced skilled workers. 3.3 Quality inspection The inspection of fish is the key to processing technology. Quality inspection workers mainly use visual inspection to judge the merits of fish and classify them according to the color of fish and the integrity of skin. The work in this area should be undertaken by experienced professionals. . 3.4 Environmental sanitation The environmental sanitation of workshops can not be ignored. The sanitation of the workshop should be done by the cleaning company. All kinds of articles and tools should be disinfected regularly, and the steel appliances should be kept dry to prevent rust. Work clothes and caps should be cleaned frequently. Workers must go through the process of disinfecting and wearing plastic masks and rubber gloves before entering the workshop.

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