Symptomatic fish disease identification

At present, there are more than a dozen species of fish diseases that are more widespread, more harmful and more common. Of these dozens of fish diseases, there are often some diseases with similar symptoms and different pathogens that must be correctly diagnosed before they can be completely prevented. The identification method for fish diseases with similar symptoms is described as follows:

1 White bark, dusting, small echinococcosis, microsporidia, and blight

1.1 Similarities

Diseased fish have white spots on the body surface.

1.2 Differences

1.2.1 The pathogen of white skin disease is Pseudomonas. The white spot appears at the base of the dorsal fin or at the caudal peduncle, and the disease progresses only as the area of ​​the white spot itself expands. The final appearance is that the entire posterior fin to the boundary of the arm fin is white.

1.2.2 The pathogen of powdering disease is eosinophilic dinoflagellates. Dorsal fins, caudal fins, and white backs appear successively, but as the disease progresses, the number of white spots increases, and eventually the white spots spread throughout the body. The entire body surface seems to be rubbed with a layer of powder.

1.2.3 The pathogen of the small melon worm is the small insect melon. Look at the red spots between the white spots and the vesicles with white dots on the body surface, rays, or ankles.

1.2.4 Microsporidia pathogens are microsporidia. Diseased fish 2 ~ 3h after death, observing the site of its disease, there are still white spots caused by microsporidia, if there is no white spots caused by small melons.

1.2.5 Acne Pathogens are poxviruses. Although the characteristics are similar to those of the small melon worms, the small melon worms can be seen by the naked eye to swim with the naked eye, and the pathogens of the acne can not be seen under ordinary microscope.

2 Viral enteritis, bacterial enteritis, erythroderma, and intraorbital amoeba

2.1 Similarities

Diseased fish bowel are red.

2.2 Differences

2.2.1 Viral enteritis The pathogen is a virus. Diseased fish intestinal or whole intestinal bleeding, showing bright red. Congestion occurs in the oral cavity, muscles, lids, and fins, and the skin of the intestinal mucosa generally does not rot and fall off.

2.2.2 The pathogen of bacterial enteritis is fish myxococci. The diseased fish was purple in the intestine, and the anus was red and swollen. There was a yellow mucus coming out of the abdomen.

2.2.3 The pathogen of erythroderma is Pseudomonas fluorescens. Partial or most of the fish body congestion and inflammation, scales off.

2.2.4 Intraorbital amoeba disease pathogens are intraorbital amoeba. Although fish disease characteristics are similar to bacterial enteritis, they generally only appear in the back of the intestine.

3 White head white mouth disease, wheel worm disease and hookworm disease

3.1 Similarities

Diseased fish are white and white.

3.2 Different places

3.2.1 Whitehead Buzzard The pathogen is Myxococcus. Scratch fish skin microscopy, visible peristaltic bacteria.

3.2.2 Trichoderma pathogens are trichomonads. The larger worms mainly attack the skin of juvenile fish. It is distributed throughout the body of the fish. It particularly likes to gather in the fins and head of the fish, and sometimes it appears on the larvae.

3.2.3 The pathogen of hookworm disease is hookworm. Visible fish eyes, fins and skin have hooked parasites.

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