Tail white shrimp

Latin name: Palaemon (Exopalamon) carincauda Holthuis
Common name: White shrimp, Wuzhi shrimp, Green prawns, Cashmere shrimp, New Year shrimp profile: Long arm shrimp production and production period:
China's coastal areas are produced, especially in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. As one of the dominant species of shrimp in the Zhoushan sea area, it is mostly distributed in coastal low-salt shallow water beaches. Hi life in the mudflats. Larger output. Spawning several times a year is a species of artificially cultivated shrimp.
The body length is 5-9 cm. The frontal angle is flat and slender, and the base one third has a coronal uplift. The upper and lower edges are serrated, with 6-9 teeth on the upper edge and 3-6 teeth on the lower edge. It has a smooth front and no extra teeth. The end of the tail section is pointed and pointed. Body blue and transparent, micro-blue or red small spots, the back of the abdomen of each section of the darker color. The body is white after death.

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